Sinister Sign no.1

November 30, 2008

sign-1This is the first in an occasional series called Sinister Signs. In total there’s going to be about four. maybe five. Maybe more if I see any more and have my camera to hand. Let’s face it, it’s unlikely. So, a small series.

This sign, and a few others from the forthcoming series (well, at the moment, all of them) were found in Prague in what seemed to be a Police Transport Museum. I say seemed, because I came across it as I strolled around, heading nowhere in particular, no guide book in hand, and wandered into the grounds of what I took to be a disused nunnery. I’m not sure why I thought it was a disused nunnery, other than there were no nuns around. A more prosaic reading may have led me to think of it as a church. Still disused.

And then, in the grounds, I discovered a bunch of old police vehicles… not just cars, but tanks and helicopters. And then there were all these signs. Well, four. Maybe five.

This is Sinister Sign no.1. It may not be sinister to you, but it is to me. Where do these steps lead? Why do they only lead one way? And why is that way down? And why do you have to walk so daintily, like a Strictly Come Dancing judge heading into Hell? And why do you have to be wearing a hat to head down? And why the bendy joints? And why the cuban heels and mittens? Sinister.


One Response to “Sinister Sign no.1”

  1. Andrea said

    you’re right, that sign *is* sinister. I think there’s just something inherently creepy about East European design like that… Is it because it’s a little old-fashioned? Because the man is so very thin? I’m not sure. Odd.

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