My last two posts have rudely looked at the comedians DVD’s on sale over Christmas, and then judged them solely on the artwork of the cover. Now let’s see which is the worst.

Remember! You are judging the artwork alone. Not the content. Let us all just judge the comedians by their covers.

You can see all the covers in my two previous posts.

Hey, let’s have two polls! One for the worst, one for the best. Worst first.

And the best cover.


Yes. it’s all our fault. Sorry.

Sometimes, in our line of work… crikes, what is our line of work? Let me start again.

Sometimes (ie. always) we find ourselves taking jobs so inappropriate for us surely the only reason to accept is for a laugh; oh, and to try and bring down a whole industry. Occasionally, desperation plays a part. Here we are both desperate and having a laugh, as we bring a major financial institution to its knees.

We we’re employed by a major high street bank to present their in-house TV programme called Business Eye, hence the big eye behind us. Who’d have thought Business had only one eye? And so big too. Is Business a cyclops?

Their thinking was; let’s lighten up our approach to business by hiring a couple of idiots. We’ll put them in suits and get them to talk about, say, Tier C managers reporting from the frontline, but with a wacky, comedic edge to it. It doesn’t work. And in the end we were just idiots in suits, sometimes feeling very uncomfortable with the items we had to present; Cash machines in shops, anyone? That charge the customers £500 just to withdraw £1.75? It wasn’t for us, and so we had to go. Ah, but did we jump or we’re we pushed? One of us jumped, one of us was pushed. (Feel free, bank people, to leave comments).

Years back we were responsible for destroying Albion Market. This short-lived ITV soap featured us, fresh out of Manchester University, in almost every episode; we were extras, wandering around the market, buying stuff. In the morning we’d shoot one day at the market, in the afternoon, another day. And so they would ask us to bring a change of clothes. Come the afternnoon, Trev’d put a scarf on and I’d change into a cap. I am almost sure our presence led to it being cancelled after only 100 episodes.

Other projects we were involved in that had very short lives; the Joel Schumacher Batman movies, Eldorado, and the Moon landings.

If you want to play the Trev and Simon Wheel of Chance employment game why not get in touch with our agent, Debi Allen at RDF Management.