A year ago today I wrote my first blog entry. You can find it here. It’s a test one really, not about much; though in saying that I do Bobbin and Tess a disservice.

A year ago I was full of crazy excitement. Blogging was a new adventure. I hadn’t got a clue what I would write. I felt that bit by bit, writing at least a post a day, I would find my feet and discover why I was doing this.

A year on I’ve slowed down a bit. No post every day, but I try for a couple a week. And I’ve expanded. We’ve got the Trev and Simon blog on the go, and I’ve started 20th Century Mummified Fox– a blog where I can indulge in my love of films.

I still don’t know why I’m doing this. I haven’t found my feet. Of course it’s an indulgence; no doubt I am showing off, but showing off what? It’s not a comedy blog. It’s not some kind of confessional. I’m no film critic. Nor a photographer. But this blog is made up of bits of all of these. And lots of animals.

And it keeps me busy when times are tough. I enjoy it. And so, sometimes, do some of you. All of the people who come here and read or look, thank you. I know there’s lots of blogs out there, blah blah blah airline appreciation speech.

And thank you all for your comments. I enjoy reading them and I enjoy the interaction. And, to my pleasant surprise, the comments over the year have been thoughtful and considered, even when being critical. I haven’t, as yet, had to delete any for taking the chance to hurl abuse at me. Still, there’s time. My blog is just a baby.

Since the whole blogging thing is one enormous indulgence, for Mummified Fox’s first birthday I am going to pick some of my blog favourites from my 234 posts. One from each month.

November 2008- This and That’s Entertainment. Every year I go to Great Yarmouth to play pool. But which is best, Great Yarmouth or Las Vegas?

December 2008- Tommie Smith and John Carlos. I drag my family to see the Tommie Smith and John Carlos statue in San Jose.

January 2009- Murderer. Me, Trev and Cyndi Lauper have a close shave with Coronation Street murderer Tony Gordon.

February 2009- Deal or No Deal on the Dole. Ok, a bit of a weird one. this is a story about Deal or No Deal, Noel Edmonds, a luckless contestant, and Cosmic ordering.

March 2009- The Nazis. I drew them at school and only got a B+.

April 2009- A Nightingale sang in the 100 Club. A sort of review of the Nightingales and Ted Chippington.

May 2009- “Yes, I spent money on furniture”. Shadow Education Secretary Michael Gove and the elephant lamps we bought him. Including comments from the man himself (or so it seems).

June 2009- Pigs, a goose and a sheep. Just as it says.

July 2009- I’m going to cheat here and mention two posts. I’m not quite sure why it’s cheating; there’s no rules, it’s my blog. But at the top of this post I did say I’d pick one from each month, so yes, I am cheating. First Like the circles that you find– a guide to reglazing windows. And also RIP Rob. Rob sold the Big Issue outside Hither Green station. He died in July.

August 2009- Little and Large. My mum and dad used to go to The Talk of the North in the 70’s and see all the top acts. Years later I get to meet one of them.

September 2009- The Rogers Brothers and the Cox twins. The real life inspiration for two of our characters.

October 2009- Bigmouth strikes again. Possibly my most personal and indulgent post and also my most commented on.

So there’s some of my favourites for the year. If you click on any of them I hope you enjoy them. And if you do, please look at some of the remaining 221 posts.

I was going to use the blog’s first birthday to say why it’s called Mummified Fox. but I’m going to save that for next year.


Happy 1st Birthday Mummified Fox

We all make mistakes

March 10, 2009

Years ago, possibly last century, I had a made-to-measure leather coat made. Made to measure me. Made by Rocky. He’s a tailor in Hong Kong. He did a good job. He made me the coat I wanted. But, really, it’s unwearable. Did I think I was Tony Hadley? Or Bryan Ferry? Or Tom Cruise in Valkyrie? (I can’t bring myself to think of myself as a bad Nazi). I’d be a good nazi, with an eye patch, no desire for war and a love of all people. I’m sure that’s what Bryan Ferry meant when he said he liked their fashions. Never order a leather coat from his son, Otis the Aardvark (is that his name?) He’d make you a coat out of squirming squirrels and flailing foxes.


If this self indulgent and hurried post is of any interest to anyone, and you’d like to know more, take a look at the photos and stories onthe Trev and Simon blog. You’ll find the Podcast there too, where we discuss the coat in further detail. And a leather coat-based poll. Right, must race off to pool. We, the JFK Rejects, take on JFK’s. A big match we cannot be expected to win. But never underestimate the Rejects.

Match of the Day- US style.

December 22, 2008

richard-lindon2Yesterday I was up at 8am watching Arsenal play Liverpool. But it wasn’t a football match. No, it was a soccer match. And then later in the day I watched the Seattle Seahawks beat the New York Jets at football. I hadn’t a clue as to what was going on but they played in the snow in High Definition and it looked nice.

Here’s a pic of Richard Lindon. His wife died from blowing up footballs made from pig bladders. She died of pig disease. And so Richard invented the India rubber bladder as an alternative. Yes, yes, I know, a bit late in the day, but let’s not knock a man when he’s down. I pinched the pic from Wikipedia. I hope that is ok.

I also hope Fox don’t come after me for taking pictures of the TV yesterday so I can show you what their football soccer pundits are like. There they are down below, sitting in a fake pub! Yes! They present their analysis from a pub! And they are sponsored by Bass beer! Can you imagine that in Britain? Gary Lineker on MOTD sitting at a bar, with a bag of crisps? Well, yes, I guess.

So, this is how Americans view us Brits; spending our time going to the pub to watch football soccer. Fair do’s.


Ok, the pundit on the left, in front of the dart board, is Keith Costigan, who had a brief spell at Luton Town. But who’s the guy on the right? He sounds English but has the look of Anthony Michael Hall’s stunt double. It’s another competition. There’s a prize (maybe) for whoever can name him and list the small-time Brit clubs he may have once played for. Wrong answers always welcome.

Anyone coming to this site hoping for more exciting stories from my American adventure; sorry, but we’ve all got colds. Oh, yesterday my niece and nephew both performed piano solos at Mrs. Kwok’s house. She’s their piano teacher. One of the other performers was a 13 year old boy who’s just made his third film, playing a zombie! And I’m not even in LA.


John Shuttleworth’s off on tour. The Minor Tour (and other mythological creatures). if you can go, go. John is the creation of comedy genius Graham Fellowes. But there, I’ve gone and spoilt it all now. Forget I wrote that. Go and see John Shuttleworth. Forget that he’s made up. He’s not. He’s real. And he will make you laugh, and maybe even cry.

I wanted to go. I’m a fool of a Northerner who lives down South. And his concerts in London are sold out. So I did the next best thing. I bought two tickets for my mum and her friend Cath to go and see him at the Dance House in Manchester. I hope they like him. Here’s John singing “Catch the Fox.” Come on!