Hello. My name is Simon Hickson. I am a writer. Of sorts. And a comedian. Of sorts. I worked for many years in childrens’ TV, on BBC1’s Going Live! and Live and Kicking! Along with Trev Neal. We were known as Trev and Simon. And we swung our pants. I still work with Trev, but now we mainly write. We have just finished writing for the second series of My Spy Family on the Cartoon Network and have just started work on Dani’s House for CBBC. We have also just been commissioned to write our first film script. This is my first attempt at a blog, so if you stumble across this, please bear with me. As to why I’m doing it? I don’t know. But maybe by doing it I’ll find out. That’s that.

16 Responses to “About”

  1. sarah said

    Simon, you’ve turned into a cute little piglet! How do you type with those trottery feet? And why did you choose to go live with this scary man instead of with tessy and me? We like little animals :-). Well done for blogging piglet. You will enjoy it. Sx

  2. Phillip Schofield said

    Right, I’ve finally tracked you down after nearly 15 years! Come home now, all is forgiven, the house is re-built and the police have called off the search. Don’t forget to keep taking your medication or it will all happen again.

  3. Mary(sarah's friend) said

    Well I am even more impressed now I know you are a blue. I cannot believe that I have met you all those times and it has not come up in conversation.
    Have fun in America, and happy christmas and new year.xxxxx

  4. Iain Smith said

    Hello Simon,
    I opened your Christmas card very late this year and saw that you have been blogging, something that I too have come to rather late (apparently everybody twitters now). At the risk of doing a ‘Schofield’ on you, I thought I would say hello and tell you that I’ve enjoyed reading your entries alot. Some of your old photos are particularly good. I seem to remember you had more than a passing interest in cameras in Manchester so no doubt there are plenty more photos in a biscuit tin waiting for a global audience…
    I have recently returned from another trip to India with the family where we travelled a bit and mostly lazed around my father-in-law’s house enjoying village life – visit my blog: Forgive the rather educational content but I had to promise the kids’ teachers in exchange for bunking off school for so long.
    I’m impressed to see you have managed to keep your blog going even after your trip to US. Keep up the funny work!
    much love,
    Iain and family x

  5. Simon said

    Hi Simon. It’s Simon. No I’m not you writing on your own blog but I am a great fan of your work and just wanted to say thanks. Your old VHS’s of your STUPID video and OTHER video and the 1993 tour video are one I the last reasons we keep a video player. Where’s all your DVD deals one might ask? Also Trev & Simon’s Stupid Book cost me £20 off Amazon – very rare these days. I’m working on a comedy book of my own. It’s been a fine inspiration. Might be nice to ask you a few questions and bounce back a few ideas if you had the time? My inbox awaits – I’m listening to you and Trev’s podcasts now. Funny times. My best wishes to you all and please consider dropping an email, even if it’s to say you don’t associate with former fans.

  6. Gareth Aveyard said

    Excited about the film! Well done, ETA on release?

  7. Andrea said

    So Richard Hawley at Shepherds Bush was beautiful, a surprise Lisa Marie Presley quite a treat – but the best seeing Simon in the crowd. Happy days!

  8. Simon Hickson said

    That’s very kind of you Andrea. A great gig,and a visit from the ghost of Presley, sort of. I bet Mr. Hawley is thrilled to be working with her, and if the results are anywhere near as good as the stuff he did with Tony Christie, we are in for a treat.

  9. Andrea said

    Ah yes! Happy memories…

    He was so enthusiastic about the special guest – but then i was a little worried about the ‘quality’ of said special guest (Joss Stone fear) – but you can understand for Presley (and Pricila watching).

    The Christie album is superb, Louise, tremendous – and a thank you for the local chippie.

  10. Hi Simon,

    I one of the tricky sorts (I had a bowler hat on) you met during a saturday drinking session.
    Had a great time and I’m sure I talked absolute nonsense at you for several hours…my liver hurts

  11. Samantha,Husband&Dog! said

    Hi Simon, I think your guess is probably right about the camera. Your post made me cry! (in a good way) It just seemed the right the right thing to do. Glad it made you happy, I like a bit of Karma when possible! 🙂

  12. Simon HG said

    Hi Simon,
    Love the Blog and I do enjoy your occasional comments about Hither Green. I’ve been in “The Green” for about 10 years now and YES, that signed photo of Jack Bauer in the newsagent has always intrigued me. Not less, those Belisha beacons (not ‘arf!)
    The new conundrum is the new “Crazy Golf” centre behind Tescos. Why? Margate seafront, maybe? But the Green? Perhaps they’re waiting for The Tiger Woods Redemption Tour? Stranger things etc etc.

  13. james said

    I am glad I found you here I would love to see you both swinging your pants again live one day…I still swing mine occasionally but a lot of people don’t understand and just think I’m barking.

  14. ranj said

    hey simon

    finally got a chance to read your blog properly… i know, i’m lame, i’m sorry! and i love it!!! the blog that is, not the fact that i’m lame.

    see you soon at choir practice.

    and james… some of us still swing our pants (albeit in private to avoid the confused looks that others seem to send our way). maybe we should start a convention?


  15. hi simon!

    “snug as a mummified fox”… it’s an expression in my land too!

    i enjoy your funny writing and i’d like to say “thank you”!

    if only there was some way… or something i could do?

    i know i’ll make a video message and hope you give it a view!

    everybody will snooze blue

    so I made this video just for you…



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