School rules.

December 20, 2008


My niece and nephew are 10 and 6 and as you can see they have to follow some pretty strict school rules.

I’ve just tested them on a few select ones to make sure they are law-abiding pupils. They’ve never taken any animals to school. Nor rockets. They laughed when asked if they’d practiced golf… I took that as a no, but it could have been evasive behaviour. They’ve never loitered… though I’ve just been back to them on that one, to see if they know what loitering means. They don’t. But my niece has deduced that it is “a bad thing.” They’ve never climbed on the roof, but my nephew did “shoot a shoe on to the roof.” This was at home, and he means he swung his leg and his shoe flew off up on to the roof. It is still there.

So, all in all, they’re pretty good pupils. For smoking alcoholics.

applesThis is Safeways. In Sunnyvale. And if supermarkets could speak to each other (and in the world in my head, they can) How do ya’ like them apples? is what Sunnyvale’s Safeway would ask Hither Green’s Co-op.

It’s not just the apples over here that astonish me. They’ve got a Starbucks too. Now I know there is a Starbucks next to every Starbucks in London. But who’d have thought they had them over here too? Ok, it’s the jetlag kicking in.