It’s the last day of the group stages. Who stays? Who goes? Let the game of football decide. First, here’s what happened yesterday:

NIGERIA (@redorbrownsauce) v ARGENTINA (@joyfeed)

Within 5 minutes of kick-off this game was 1-1. It’s the first time in World Cup history for two opposing teams to score so quickly, but the score wasn’t to last. Messi scored two for Argentina and the final score was Nigeria 2 Argentina 3. But both teams are through to the next stage anyway, so joy all round. Nigeria will play France (@Zoleipar) next Monday and Argentina will play Switzerland (@realandrewgreen) on Tuesday. Congratulations to you all, and special congratulations to @redorbrownsauce’s new lucky hat!

nigeria hat 2

BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA (@jaq421)  v IRAN (@freig)

Commiserations to you two though, both out. Bosnia-Hercegovina had a perfectly decent goal from Manchester City’s Edin Dzeko ruled out in their match against Nigeria and so getting the opener in this game was nice, but not nice enough. No matter what B-H tried to do, they were going out. Iran needed a win to stay in. They lost 3-1. Sorry to see @Freig and @jaq421 go, but hopefully @jaq421’s Sybil will continue to offer canine support.

ECUADOR (@wasaunders) v FRANCE (@Zoleipar)

Not perhaps the most inspiring of games. A 0-0 draw sees France top the group and Ecuador and @wasaunders head on home. (I say that, I’m guessing @wasaunders has been at home all the time, so don’t head anywhere. Stick around).

HONDURAS (@wristwatch42) v SWITZERLAND (@realandrewgreen)

A hat-trick from Shaqiri saw Switzerland defeat Honduras 3-0. Switzerland go through whilst @wristwatch42 has to watch from the terraces.

Shaqiri celebrates a hat-trick

Shaqiri celebrates a hat-trick


And so to today’s matches, the last four of the group stages.




USA (@Lindaannbown) v GERMANY (@DarrenK73)

5pm. BBC. Arena Pernambuco in Recife. This should be fun. Both teams have won one and drawn one, giving them four points each. The other two teams in the group, Ghana and Portugal, are on a point each. So whatever happens in this game, one of the teams will go through. If a team wins they’re through, and the losing team will have to wait and see how the other game goes. If it’s a draw they’re both through. Will they play for a draw? Is that allowed? My prediction:

USA 1 Germany 2

Oh! And surprise! Sybil’s found a whole new hat!

Guess which team I'm supporting today? (and give me a treat)

Guess which team I’m supporting today? (and then give me a treat)


PORTUGAL (@ali_spencer) v GHANA (@fiona_butler)

5pm. BBC. Estadio Nacional de Brasilia in Brasilia. Goals are needed here, particularly if Portugal are to go through. If they defeat Ghana by loads of Goals, and their is a clear victory in the other match, then they will be on 4 points as well as the losing team from the other match. And so it will all come down to goal difference. Oh it’s tricky isn’t it. Or am I just making it that way?

Portugal 0 Ghana 0


SOUTH KOREA (@anna_borowski) v BELGIUM (@hbnm1985)

9pm. ITV. Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo. Belgium are through, but if they want to make sure they come top of the group a win or draw will be needed. If they lose, and Algeria win their game against Russia, then both teams will be on 6 points and goal difference will decide who’s top and who’s second. But they’re not going to lose are they? My prediction:

South Korea 0 Belgium 2

ALGERIA (@lolers) v RUSSIA (@chislehurst)

9pm. ITV. Arena da Baixada in Curitiba. Russia will be playing like the wind against Algeria. I don’t know what that means. What I do know is this: assuming Belgium don’t lose their game then whichever team wins here will be going through. Having said that, Algeria can go through with a draw (assuming, again, Belgium win). So… that’s why Russia will be playing like the wind. And Russia’s manager, Fabio Capello, will be a huffin’ and a puffin’.

Capello urges Russia on to victory!

Capello urges Russia on to victory!

Here’s The Leningrad Cowboys with the Red Russian Army Choir singing Delilah, just for the hell of it.

And very finally, an update on prizes! They’re coming in; today I received some goodies from funny writer David Quantick. That’s on top of the stuff from Lucy Porter, Jim Bob; and the stuff coming from Richard Curtis, Richard Osman, Moose Allain, Modern Toss, and on and on. So, don’t worry if you have gone out early. There’s still something coming your way at the end of The World Cup!

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