belisha-beaconMaybe not the most exciting news for you, but then you don’t live in Hither Green (unless you do). Yes, we have new belsiha beacons that wear illuminated bonnets. Look in the sky though, to the left of the beacon. There are two weird smudges. I’ve noticed these on a few photos I’ve taken recently. Either, it is a smudge on my lens, or, Omen-like, it is a harbinger of doom. Still, new belisha beacons!

If you fancy having a look at the Trev and Simon blog you’ll see I’ve added three posts there today, including one showing the artwork from Trev Neal’s forgotten album, Trev Neal Sings the Songs of the Railroad.

So, if you’re disappointed with a photo of a belisha beacon, go there instead. Go there anyway, even if you love belisha beacons.

Years ago we sang an old music hall song about belisha beacons. we first sang it in an act called the Eggrobats, along with Phil Denison. Then years later we sang it on tour as the Rogers Brothers. I don’t know who wrote it, when, or who for, so sadly I cannot give credit to those music hall old-timers. It went something like this;

Carry your little belisha beacon everywhere you go
If you hold your beacon up the traffic goes so slow
It really is amazing how the traffic does respond
When you walk along with your little magic wand

In the afternoon if you should go out for a stroll
Don’t forget to take your little bladder on a pole
Greta Garbo with a moan
Said you’d never be alone
When you’ve got your little beacon
When you’ve got your little beacon

When you’ve got your little beacon in your hand