yesterday was the first day of the knockout stages. Who got knocked out and who stayed in? Lets see.

BRAZIL (@Mojorainbw) v CHILE (@dusted1969)

I predicted a 2-2 draw, that would remain 2-2 through extra time, and then Brazil would win on penalties. And I wasn’t far off. It was just 1-1 all the way and then penalties. And Brazil won 3-2!

Penalty shoot-outs aren’t the most popular of endings for die-hard football fans, but for the middling ones (such as myself) they provide great drama. It’s all there: Goals, saves, and (the most criminal act of all) just plain missing the goal (known as ‘doing a Diana’ after Diana Ross’s  miss at the opening of the 1994 World Cup).

But let’s not be too hard on her. I bet if we heard Neymar singing I’m Coming Out it wouldn’t be much cop. Though he does have the moves.

Non Direction

Non Direction

And so farewell to Chile and @dusted1969 and congratulations to @Mojorainbw and Brazil who will face the winner of the following game:


COLOMBIA (@SpiderMonkey987) v URUGUAY (@BottyB)

A clear win for Colombia and @SpiderMonkey987. Sorry Uruguay and @BottyB, but without Suarez you just lacked the… (oh, fill in your own cheap joke. I just can’t bring myself to type it).

2- 0 to Colombia with new star James Rodriguez getting both the goals. Suarez wasn’t allowed in the stadium to watch. Indeed he has been banned from watching on TV. Or opening his eyes. Or mouth. It is the harshest ban ever handed out by FIFA since Bobby Charlton was given a 6 month comb ban back in the 1960’s.

Suarez has put up a defence. in a statement to me, just given inside my own head, he said; “I didn’t bite him. I fell onto him and found a small piece of pork pie balanced on his shoulder. I thought it was unusual for a player of Chiellini’s stature to have a pork pie under his kit, but who, in the same position, would not take advantage of such a savoury treat. Of course it was the heat. There was no pork pie there. I was hallucinating. It was a simple mistake to make but now I am paying the price. Even as I speak to you now, in your own head, I am doing it with my eyes and my mouth shut, such is the severity of my punishment. People say, why don’t you say sorry? Well, what am I saying sorry for? Trying to eat a tasty pastry pie during the World Cup? Is that such a crime? This is then end of my statement to you. I hope the Tweepstake people will understand.”

Thank you Suarez for clearing that up and taking the time to speak to me in my own head.

Brazil will face Colombia in the Quarter Finals!


HOLLAND (@Braggovic) v MEXICO (@bluebox99)

5pm. ITV. Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza. Hmmm. Holland haven’t lost a game and now they have Van Persie back. And he’s supposed to be pretty, pretty good. Too close for me to call here so I’ll just have to go with the favourites:

Holland 2 Mexico 1

COSTA RICA (@jasonpettigrove)  v GREECE (@gingerdisco99)

9pm. ITV. Arena Pernambuco in Recife. This is the first ever meeting between these two teams, and the first time that Greece have ever reached the knockout stages. Costa Rica reached the last 16, only to then go out, in 1990. Costa Rica have been a surprise success of this tournament and I think that will continue:

Costa Rica 3 Greece 0

But you must know by now, my predictions are as valid as a Suarez statement.

If you know anyone who can help me reach my World Cup target of £1966 for Alzheimer’s Society please send them over in the direction of my Just Giving page. Thank you. Have a good day of football. x