Go Sober- three days to go

September 28, 2013

Three days until Go Sober kicks off. It’s simple; I will go teetotal for 31 days, and I hope some of you will donate to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The aim is to raise £1664. It’s a lager thing. And now I am not on my own. My lovely wife Zoe has decided to join me. She’s giving up drinking for a month too.

Here’s the thing. Me giving up drinking is one thing. Zoe giving up is another thing. The two of us giving up is two things that add up to a whole lot of things. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not even going to be easier! It’s going to be like Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway in Barfly. Except in reverse. If you thought running a Marathon for charity was hard, then you’re an idiot!

Please help us two jokers get through this. And in so doing, you will be properly helping people who need proper help.

There are three ways of donating:

You can sponsor me by clicking on this highlighted sentence. It will take you to my GoSober page.

You can sponsor Zoe by clicking on this highlighted sentence. If you are quick you might become Zoe’s first sponsor.

You can sponsor us as Team Mr and Mrs Hickson by clicking on this.

To Simon, Clare, Vicky, Sophie, Gerald, Malcolm, Darren, Christine, and Christian; thank you for getting us off to a flying start before the month even begins.

And that’s a crucial thing. It’s still September. Later we will be going shopping. Zoe needs to get some tonic to go with the four G&T’s she claims she will drink tonight. I’ll be finishing off my bottle of Black Cow Milk Vodka that Zoe got me for my birthday.

We are not alcoholics. We do not condone or promote drinking to excess. We just really really really need to clear the house out.



The Informers

July 24, 2009

the-informers-posterEveryone’s got it in for The Informers. And the chances are they’re right. But there was something about this film that meant I had to see it. Not just because I’ve got my cinema pass allowing me to see as much rubbish as I can, all for £16.50 a month. It was something to do with the casting, the 80’s, the soundtrack, the writer.

The film kicks off with New Gold Dream (81/82/83/84) by Simple Minds. At that point I was already gving it 5 stars. And look at the cast; Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, Winona Ryder, Chris Isaak and um, Rhys Ifans. And Bret Easton Ellis; an author who can make me laugh out loud and then, as he did with American Pyscho, make me put down a book and not be able to pick it up again for a good three days.

I like Easton Ellis and his washed out eighties nostalgia thing. Look at that poster; greed,sex, youth, and a ghost of a blank statue; a replicant heading to Cardiff to kiss Captain Jack.

The 80’s of Easton Ellis is something I know nothing of, other than from his books and his films. I wasn’t greedy, sex was hard and my youth? Well, I dressed it up in the clothes of old men. I was what became known in the 90’s as a shoegazer, but in the eighties we were just slopey kids in our dads coats. So, glamorous people taking drugs and having wasted sex were sort of appealing. And I think that’s the Easton Ellis joy; have your cake and eat it; be appealing, be appalling. Celebrate and condemn. Bret Easton Ellis makes me feel like I lived in an 80’s that I never actually lived in. If I try really hard, I can even convince myself I once went out with Kim Basinger.

Kim Basinger, Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke. These are people I’d happily watch in anything. I’d watch them eat chips. But in this film, in this film where they really should shine, they’re wasted. Particularly Mickey. He’s one of the greats, and he’s back on the scene. He’s the nearest we’ve got to a next generation Bogart. But in this, he’s just mucking around in some sub sub-plot, kidnapping a kid for reasons that are never made clear. I can see why people are starting to use Mickey again, but I think it’s for the wrong reason; it’s because he comes with his own costume.

And Chris Isaak, he’s off in one of the other stories (this film wants to be a compendium but it’s like the smashed up pick n’ mix counter in a post apocalypse Woolworths) taking his son off on holiday to Hawaii. I love Chris Isaak (he swung his pants with me) but he acts like Mark Kermode on methadone; he’s Kurt Russell’s stunt double after one too many duff falls.

So, it’s not a good film. And it lacks the fun of The Rules of Attraction and American Psycho. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the film version of Lunar Park to get the old joker Bret back. A final plus point; it has Simple Minds and Wang Chung. And Men in Hats;

I say, we can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
Well they’re no friends of mine

Woody’s name is muddy

January 12, 2009

What’s happened with Woody Allen? Ok, he ran off with his adopted daughter, or something like that (don’t hold me to anything lawyers, I’m just riffing on dubious memories), but that was years ago, and Hollywood’s always quick to forgive (take Kiefer Sutherland, done for drunk driving, beginning his next 24 hours of hell this very evening). So, assuming Woody’s forgiven, why the cold shoulder at the Golden Globe’s tonight?

Vicky Cristina Barcelona won a Golden Globe. At the Golden Globes. Tonight. For best Comedy or Musical. I’m guessing comedy. I haven’t seen it. And yes, for reasons that must make sense to someone somewhere, comedy and musical are lumped together.

So… VCB, as I’m choosing to call it… I can’t stay up late, I’m flying home tomorrow… VCB gets a Globe and everyone troops up to get it. A bunch of people. I don’t know, six or seven, or five. A little woman stands upfront to do the talking. I don’t know who she is; If I had more time I’d find out- I don’t like being rude. I’ve just realised, it may seem rude me failing to recognise her as a producer or, who knows, Penelope Cruz? But she was short.

Anyways, they troop up, she troops up, and the first thing she says is that she’s nervous. Nervous? What’s this? She starts off by pinching Woody’s shtick! What next? Will she be nauseous? So she speaks, and she speaks, thanks and thanks… and I’m thinking what about Woody? I’ve not seen the film, but he did direct it, didn’t he? And write it? So she gets to the end and says something like “oh, and thanks Woody.” And that’s it! Not even “Thanks Woody Allen.”

The whole thing took place, the film won a major award, and everyone was in denial as to Woody Allen’s contribution. Well, that’s not fair.

Earlier on in my break here in the States I babysat with my mother while my sister and her husband enjoyed a trip to San Francisco. They have Films on Demand here and so I demanded a Woody Allen film. We watched Love and Death.

Sonja, are you scared of dying?
Scared is the wrong word. I’m frightened of it.
That’s an interesting distinction.

I pinched that from here.

Give Woody Allen a break. If you’re going to give him a Golden Globe at least give him a proper name check.

Other Golden Globe trivia…

Well done Mickey Rourke, and nice tribute to the dogs. You’re right, a man alone can always rely on his dogs, or something like that.

Well done Alec Baldwin. Steve Carell in The Office is funny, but you beat him. ‘Cause you’re funny too. Well done 30 Rock. Well done Tracy Morgan for funny speech. Well done other funny people… Ricky Gervais, you had to work but you got there. Shame you’re not doing the Oscars. Sascha Baron Cohen hesitantly delivering some good jokes, but the audience somehow going all coy. Oh, and the guy from the American Office… Excellently following Kate Winslet with “We’re just TV actors” and pointing out that “the English actresses” stole the crying from you.

I’m going to get hard now because it makes me angry. Revolutionary Road, I suspect, will be most excellent. But how can I enjoy it when one of the parts of a work of art let’s down the said work by, well, crying like a big baby. A script doesn’t cry. a prop doesn’t cry. A light doesn’t cry. Actors! Learn your lines, do your job, and then… well, no then. Job done. Oh, Kate! Twice! And the second time I really did think I could see the performance. Is it really that upsetting? Is it really that big a deal? We’re you not just doing your job? Was it not just fun? Working with your husband? Having your kids on set? Could you not just have got up on that stage and, effectively, gone “whoopee! Thanks! Who’d a’ thought! Two!”

I’m sorry to rant. It’s out of place for me. But tonight I was a guest in America and Kate Winslet made me want to grovel an apology. I wanted to run on home.