Match of the Day- US style.

December 22, 2008

richard-lindon2Yesterday I was up at 8am watching Arsenal play Liverpool. But it wasn’t a football match. No, it was a soccer match. And then later in the day I watched the Seattle Seahawks beat the New York Jets at football. I hadn’t a clue as to what was going on but they played in the snow in High Definition and it looked nice.

Here’s a pic of Richard Lindon. His wife died from blowing up footballs made from pig bladders. She died of pig disease. And so Richard invented the India rubber bladder as an alternative. Yes, yes, I know, a bit late in the day, but let’s not knock a man when he’s down. I pinched the pic from Wikipedia. I hope that is ok.

I also hope Fox don’t come after me for taking pictures of the TV yesterday so I can show you what their football soccer pundits are like. There they are down below, sitting in a fake pub! Yes! They present their analysis from a pub! And they are sponsored by Bass beer! Can you imagine that in Britain? Gary Lineker on MOTD sitting at a bar, with a bag of crisps? Well, yes, I guess.

So, this is how Americans view us Brits; spending our time going to the pub to watch football soccer. Fair do’s.


Ok, the pundit on the left, in front of the dart board, is Keith Costigan, who had a brief spell at Luton Town. But who’s the guy on the right? He sounds English but has the look of Anthony Michael Hall’s stunt double. It’s another competition. There’s a prize (maybe) for whoever can name him and list the small-time Brit clubs he may have once played for. Wrong answers always welcome.

Anyone coming to this site hoping for more exciting stories from my American adventure; sorry, but we’ve all got colds. Oh, yesterday my niece and nephew both performed piano solos at Mrs. Kwok’s house. She’s their piano teacher. One of the other performers was a 13 year old boy who’s just made his third film, playing a zombie! And I’m not even in LA.