Go Sober – Day 15

October 16, 2013

We’re almost at the halfway mark! I’m thinking of it as a month half full rather than a month half empty. Me and Zoe are Going Sober for October to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. The plan was to raise £1664 in honour of  Certain lager. We might not make it, but hey- we’ve raised some money, and I’m a some money full kind of guy (rather than a some money empty).

But why should you give us money when all we are doing is not drinking? It’s not like we are running a Marathon or sitting in custard. here’s why; two words: Glitter Juice.

After 15 days we’ve been reduced to Glitter Juice. You can provide your own jokes (I feel too tainted, too upset). Glitter Juice!? Can you believe such a drink exists?

glitter juicw

SERIOUSLY, Marks & Spencer, GLITTER JUICE! What were you thinking? Who approved this? Who suggested it? Do you not CHECK things? Did nobody, at any point, say; “Well… we’re not really going to call it Glitter Juice… are we?”

Please do donate. Please! We are drinking Glitter Juice for crying out loud! For charity!

Do supermarkets never learn? It’s barely a week since the Mental Patient Hallowe’en Costume fiasco. And now? Now we have a Glitter Juice controversy brewing!

As for the drink, it tastes ok. I bought it as third choice in a 3 for £5 deal. It tastes fine; it’s pomegranate with a bit of apple and then the special ingredient- GLITTER!

Who puts glitter in a drink? And then, rather than call it something like Glitzy or Sparkle Froot, calls it Glitter Juice? I would say it’s a drink for the kids, but this, somehow, seems to make the matter even worse.

I must stop writing. It’s making me feel sick… and The Tunnel starts in ten minutes.

If you can spare the price of a bottle of Glitter Juice (about £2) please do help us reach our target.You can sponsor me, or Zoe, or both of us here, here, or here. Thank you.

Here’s a song to end on. It’s Ted Hawkins singing There Stands The Glass. Hopefully free from Glitter Juice.