The Fourth Plinth

July 8, 2009


the fourth plinth

I wandered through Leicester Square yesterday to take a look at the fourth plinth. For a hundred days the plinth will have a person on it. A different person every hour. That’s 2400 people. Here you can see one of them… if you look closely.

The art project is called One and Other. It’s by… well… 2400 different people. But the man behind it all is Anthony Gormley; the man who gave us the Angel of the North and the Peckham bollards. You can watch all the action live here 24 hours a day for the next 100 days.

Last night I went into town and as I passed through Leicester Square there was a Santa Fest going on. How many Santas I don’t know. At least 400 though. I took some photos and I asked the group above if it was one of those Flash/Facebook type things that starts off nicely enough and ends in Santa murder. They insisted I joined them for a photo. When I said I was off to the pictures, the girl on my right said “fuck it, come out with us.”

She then decided she recognised me. She asked if I had been on TV, and I said yes, because it’s true. She said I was “the man who works with animals.” I don’t mind being mistaken for Sir David Attenborough. Or even Johnny Morris. Just as long as it’s not Terry Nutkins.

I guess it was though. Or she maybe just thought I was me. After all, I am me, and I have worked with animals. Just take a look at the photo in the “about” bit of my blog.

I didn’t go out with them, because I had other commitments. What a fool. Still, at least I avoided the late night Santa Slaughter. What a fool.

Here’s a load of Santa’s enjoying all the fun of the fair. For any photo boffins, my camera is just a cheap old Samsung NV8 (easily available for under £100). I like it because it goes up to ISO 3200. This means I can take pics at night, like these two, without having to use soul destroying flash. Ok, they’re grainy, but… what do you want for nothing? …a rubber biscuit?