Queens of Vintage

January 20, 2009

old-photo2No, not me!

This is me just a few years back. Then, I looked like someone from the 40’s. Now, I look like someone in my 40’s. I’ve used this photograph, not just to exercise my vanity (hey, what’s wrong with trying to enjoy a time when I had hair?), but also to help promote a little bit of writing I’ve done for Queens of Vintage. This is another great site created by my friend Sarah, the genius behind greenmystyle.com. Her Empire is growing, and if I keep using words like genius (oh, and did I point out that she’s lovely too), then she’ll have no option but to give me some proper work when she becomes a big media mogul.

So, take a look at my little article all about records. You know, LP’s, 45’s, EP’s. Not those Guinness type of records where someone sits in a bath of bees for hours. Just how do they keep those bees in there? (Voice in my head… stop it, you know they’re beans.) Yeah, well, bees’d be funnier.


Christmas gifts for men

November 29, 2008

simon-pipe1 After trusting me to write a piece on toiletries for men for her daily eco glossy website, greenmystyle.com, my friend Sarah asked me to write some stuff on eco Christmas gifts for ladies to buy for men. You can find my top five pics here.

This get up is what I wore for a BBC3 show called 28 acts in 28 minutes. You can see our minute here. I think it makes me look like a low rent Dylan Jones.