Here we go, into the Second Round. No groups, no second chances. Whatever happens, whether there is extra time or penalties, two team will progress today and two will go home. And it’s a South American day today, all teams playing coming from the host continent. Let’s take a look at the matches:

BRAZIL (@Mojorainbw) v CHILE (@dusted1969)

5pm. BBC. Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte. The host nation face Chile. Brazil have never lost to Chile at home in 26 meetings over 95 years. Maybe it’s time for a change. Or not. I’m hedging my bets but going to say:

Brazil 2 Chile 2 (after extra time it will still be 2-2. It will go to penalties. Brazil will then win.)


COLOMBIA (@SpiderMonkey987) v URUGUAY (@BottyB)

9pm. ITV. Estadio do Maracana, Rio De Janeiro. These two teams have only met once before in the World Cup and that was way back in 1962. Uruguay won 2-1. It’s time for Colombia to get revenge. Uruguay are without Suarez… he bit someone! Even know, days later, that seems so bizarre. Due to an act of idiocy, and also due to his inability to see anything wrong in what he did, the football gods will punish his team. My prediction:

Colombia 3 Uruguay 1

And now, a little late in the day,  here’s Klowz und Betti. Who the hell are they I hear no one other than me asking. It’s a good question. Last Eurovision they invaded our flat and took over for the evening. I really hoped I’d seen the back of them. But no! The reprobates turned up the other night demanding to sing (Sing? Mime? Who knows?) along to World In Motion by New Order.

Now, see, this was meant to be my wife, Zoe. She promised to do the John Barnes rap bit as soon as we hit the 50% mark of our £1996 target for Alzheimer’s Society for #tweepstake2014. But Klowz und Betti stormed in, took over, and insisted they would do it. They banished us from the flat, not even allowing us to hold the camera. And so it is a simple, amateurish affair; a fixed camera and the two of them doing their thing. What the heck, here it is.

If you like it, and you have a pound or two to spare for Alzheimer’s Society, please do donate here.

Enjoy the football. Good luck!

Go Sober- three days to go

September 28, 2013

Three days until Go Sober kicks off. It’s simple; I will go teetotal for 31 days, and I hope some of you will donate to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The aim is to raise £1664. It’s a lager thing. And now I am not on my own. My lovely wife Zoe has decided to join me. She’s giving up drinking for a month too.

Here’s the thing. Me giving up drinking is one thing. Zoe giving up is another thing. The two of us giving up is two things that add up to a whole lot of things. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not even going to be easier! It’s going to be like Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway in Barfly. Except in reverse. If you thought running a Marathon for charity was hard, then you’re an idiot!

Please help us two jokers get through this. And in so doing, you will be properly helping people who need proper help.

There are three ways of donating:

You can sponsor me by clicking on this highlighted sentence. It will take you to my GoSober page.

You can sponsor Zoe by clicking on this highlighted sentence. If you are quick you might become Zoe’s first sponsor.

You can sponsor us as Team Mr and Mrs Hickson by clicking on this.

To Simon, Clare, Vicky, Sophie, Gerald, Malcolm, Darren, Christine, and Christian; thank you for getting us off to a flying start before the month even begins.

And that’s a crucial thing. It’s still September. Later we will be going shopping. Zoe needs to get some tonic to go with the four G&T’s she claims she will drink tonight. I’ll be finishing off my bottle of Black Cow Milk Vodka that Zoe got me for my birthday.

We are not alcoholics. We do not condone or promote drinking to excess. We just really really really need to clear the house out.