If the above picture looks sinister, well it should. It is. It’s the duckdogs of Dulwich and every year around this time they wheedle their way into the Dulwich Festival and, under the guise of entertaining the kiddies, round up all the local ducks and herd them into baskets. What happens next, no one knows. Some say the ducks are eaten by the dogs, others that the ducks are made to dress up and dance for the dogs as the dogs all chant “who let the ducks out.” One way or another, it needs to be stopped. Just like this post.

Sheep and Dog

February 26, 2009

I’m off out today, to meet up with Trev and trek off to a meeting somewhere or other. And so, rather than waffle on about horror films, or put up polls, or moan, here’s two pictures of a sheep and a dog living in perfect harmony.



Tonight we sing.

December 8, 2008

picture-of-choirI’m in a choir. Note-orious. And tonight we sing at the Magnolia on Lordship Lane. If you know it, and you want to hear us, come along.

How will you recognise us? We’ll all be wearing red and black. If I feel daring, I might put on some red socks.

When I was young I was in a choir. Back then I had to dress like this…