Flat Stanley

April 13, 2010

You may remember Flat Eric from a few years ago.

Well, Flat Eric became a bit of a hit, was made into a soft toy, and I bought one for my niece one Christmas a long time ago. He’s still knocking around their house somewhere, having gone through the “wow! Cool ad!” stage to the bargain bin stage, and now, who knows, maybe he’s due a revival.

Or has Flat Stanley taken over? Flat Stanley’s been sent to me by my nephew. It’s a class project thing. He’s coloured (or colored since he lives in the USA) Flat Stanley in and he’s sent him on holiday. To me. Pity poor Flat Stanley.

He’s Stanley Lambchop, from a book by Jeff Brown. I’d never heard of it, and if you haven’t you can find out more here.

My job is to show Flat Stanley a good time and then post him back to my nephew. He’s not got long so I’ve got to get on with it. I might take him out to pool tonight.

So far he’s watched the Grand National and been to Stratford Upon Avon. He wanted to see a Shakespeare play, but I wouldn’t let him.

Yes, I know. I know what you’re thinking. So, yes, ok, I did forget to take Flat Stanley around Stratford with me and only remembered at the last minute as I waited to get the train. But, you know, he’s flat, and flimsy. I didn’t want him to fly away. Or get pecked by one of those Avon gooses.

I’ll do better. I’m under pressure. My nephew writes “I know Stanley will enjoy his vacation* with you… You are helping to make learning about Geography fun and exciting!

For those of you who missed out, here’s the film my niece and nephew made when I spent some time with them just after Christmas, Bad Guys Wear the Best Underpants. Time for a re-release. Look carefully and you’ll see my nephew peeping through the dolls house, and you’ll see him with his sister at the end. He should have sent Clint Frecklestone on his hols. That’d be a laugh.

* American talk for holidays.

It’s arrived. The film you’ve all been waiting for. Well, one or two of you who may have read my initial post about our film’s anti-hero, Clint Frecklestone.

This is a film thought up by my niece and nephew, Kate and William, aged 11 and 7. You can find out more about its origins by clicking on the Clint Frecklestone link above. William also thought up the name Clint Frecklestone (pronounced Freckelstun).

We filmed it today, between 12pm and 3pm. We couldn’t fit the cast onto the video, so cast fans, here they are. All the actors are toy figures.

Clint Frecklestone- A cowboy figure

David Beckham- Captain Kirk

The Secret V lady- Lieutenant Uhura

The Detective- Dr. Who

And many soldiers and animal erasers and mini ninjas.

My input was minimal. Honest. It’s all their work. Here’s the film. We hope you enjoy it.