Al Franken sense and mirth.

December 20, 2008

Ok, ok, I know, stop throwing rotten fruit at me. I couldn’t help it. No! I stick by it. It makes me laugh.

Al Franken, liberal political commentator and former writer for Saturday Night Live, is on the verge of becoming the senator for Minnesota. All you people in England who’ve never heard of him, it’d be like A Matthew Kelly lookalike in Harry Hill glasses who writes for Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway becoming Labour MP for Stoke. Sort of.

According to the San Jose Mercury News (my new daily paper), Franken has pushed into the lead for the first time. This is a recount that’s been going on for over a month now. 2.9 million votes cast, and it’s all coming down to the last few hundred. And the mirth part? Well, when a comedian stands up for office, his supporters (fans) aren’t happy to just put a big X in the box. They start drawing smiley faces and all sorts of crazy things. They even used… coloured pens! Damn those pesky liberals and their anything goes agenda!

Republican Norm Coleman was 725 in front, now Franken’s 251 in front. And it’s all down to whether smiley faces are acceptable or not. Or whether the mark is contained within the box. Apparently, liberals can’t hold pens properly and sometimes their mark skids slightly out of the box. It could be cheekiness again, or even, just maybe, on the odd occasion, an elderly person with a shaky hand. Still, the Republicans have a point; if you can’t be neat, your guy doesn’t get the seat.