Tweepstake 2014 – Day 24

July 5, 2014

I’m writing this blog post backwards. All will become clear as you read on. Simply, I’m on hols. It’s our anniversary and we are off for a weekend away. normally I write these posts the day after the matches, but I’ve planned ahead. Here, at 8.50pm last night, is my summary of the first match:

It’s simple. A deserving Germany (and @DarrenK73) beat a battling France (@Zoleipar) 1-0. at the mo, I do not know who they will face. Well one Germany and Darren. And maybe even more well done to Darren. He has been a strong and proud supporter of both Germany and Alzheimer’s Society and I congratulate both on reaching the semi-final of the 2014 World Cup. France had five shots on target and Germany’s goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, stopped them all. Germany scored their one and only winning goal with their first shot on target. They have become the first nation to reach four consecutive World Cup semi-finals. Big congratulations.

Here’s a clip from Germany v Greece from a while back. Not the German team of today.

The next match saw the host nation Brazil  win 2-1 over Colombia. Congratulations @Mojorainbw, and sorry @SpiderMonkey987. A shame to see Colombia go; they fought hard towards the end. And it’s good to see a game with a record number of fouls. 54 and only four yellow cards. Here’s a yellow song well worth a listen:

And so the first Semi-Final is decided. Next Tuesday Germany and @DarrenK73 will face Brazil and @Mojorainbw.

Today’s matches. First up:

ARGENTINA (@joyfeed) v BELGIUM (@hbnm1985)

5pm. ITV. Estadio Nacional de Brasilia in Brasilia.

Well now, here’s the thing. We’re heading off to Brussels today for our second wedding anniversary… so (not that Zoe knows it as yet) we might find ourselves watching this one on a huge screen in some square surrounded by a load of Belgians. And so my heart has to rule my head. Belgium will win and me and Zoe will go crazy with them. I predict:

Argentina 1 Belgium 2

HOLLAND (@Braggovic)  v COSTA RICA (@jasonpettigrove)

9pm. BBC. Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador. And then we will be drunk and enjoying ourselves with the Belgian folk and their Mannekein Pis and their Jacques Brel songs. Costa Rica are the underdogs; not just of this match, but of the Quarter Finals. that’s why I will plump for them. My prediction:

Holland 1 Costa Rica 1 (Costa Rica score a second goal in extra time)

And now, I’m off to Belgium. here’s Jacques to see us out.


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