Tweepstake 2014 – Day 21

July 2, 2014

The second round drew to a dramatic close yesterday, but then every day seems to be dramatic at the mo. Out of the eight matches played two have ended in penalties and three in Extra Time.

First up yesterday was Argentina v Switzerland with Argentina winning 1-0, scoring in the 118th minute, two minutes away from another penalty shoot-out! So Argentina and @joyfeed are into the quarter finals and Switzerland and @realandrewgreen are sadly heading home.

Then Belgium beat USA 2-1. After 105 minutes Belgium were 2-0 up. The USA fought back, getting a goal two minutes later but that was that and the Belgians and @hbnm1985 go through to face the Argentinians. USA and @Lynbown head home. A consolation (of sorts) for USA is that their goalkeeper, Tim Howard, made World Cup history by making the most saves ever in a single game (15).

15 saves in a day

15 saves in a day

Watch out for the film The Fist and the Footloose, the Tim Howard story. It’s bound to be made (just maybe, perhaps, with a better title). here’s a sneak preview:

vin diesel

cooking on diesel

And so we have a few days off! No football til Friday!


That’s why there’s been a big gap inbetween writing this, early this morning, and publishing it, now. And I’ve just had a pint. And now I have to have my tea. I will be on the ball again tomorrow, with a blog of sorts before we kick into the quarter finals on Friday.

Enjoy the break.


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