Tweepstake 2014 – Day 16

June 27, 2014

Yesterday saw the end of the group stages. From now on… and this might come as a relief to some… it’s a simple case of win or you’re out. If the match is a draw after 90 minutes then we have extra time. If it’s a draw after extra time then we have penalties. If it’s a draw after penalties – well, it can’t be. The penalties just keep on coming until one team misses. Who could forget that imaginary penalty shoot-out between Germany and England sometime last century when, after three hours of penalties, Germany eventually won 89-88?

But I’m getting ahead of things. Here’s how Groups G and H ended up.


USA (@Lindaannbown) v GERMANY (@DarrenK73)

These two teams got the job done. A draw would have seen them both go through. In pouring rain Germany won 1-0. For USA it was out of their hands; whether or not they would go on to the next stage depended on how Ghana went on in their game against Portugal.


PORTUGAL (@ali_spencer) v GHANA (@fiona_butler)

And they lost, sending themselves home along with Portugal. Portugal won 2-1, but all too late. Bye.


SOUTH KOREA (@anna_borowski) v BELGIUM (@hbnm1985)

Despite playing over half the match with only 10 men when Defour was sent off for a dangerous studs-up tackle Belgium went on to win 1-0. They top the group with 3 out of 3 wins and 9 points. They will play USA in the knockout stages next Tuesday.


ALGERIA (@lolers) v RUSSIA (@chislehurst)

In a shock move Algeria came back from 1-0 down to equalise 1-1, sending the Russians home and claiming second place in the group. Algeria will face Germany on Monday. Just before the equalising goal the Russian goalkeeper, Igor Akinfeev, was targeted by a laser from some idiot in the crowd. Not fair at all, and the Russian manager, Fabio Capello, was far from happy.


far from happy

And that’s that. 16 still in, 16 out. And a break from football until Saturday.

In the meantime we have had a visit from our Eurovision friends, Klowz und Betti. They popped by last night to record World In Motion. I’d promised that when I got to 50% of my goal for Alzheimer’s Society my wife would perform the John Barnes rap from the song. Well, Betti insisted on doing it instead. Hopefully it will be with us, online, later today.

Klowz und Betti

Klowz und Betti take over

I’m not sure what our challenge will be when we hit the next stage of our target- let’s say 75%- but we’ll think of something. Anyone wishing to donate to Alzheimer’s Society can do here.

In an unusual move, I’m ending on an advert. It’s one of the greatest adverts of all time and it is an oblique tribute to Belgium. Belgium’s greatest singer, Jacques Brel, sang La Quete from the musical, The Man of  La Mancha, based on Don Quixote. La Quete is perhaps better known as The Impossible Dream. And Honda used it to make this in 2005, the only advert that, against my better judgement, moves me. Well done Belgium.

(Honda did a revamp of this in 2010, with a robot in it. Idiots. Why tamper with perfection?)



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