Tweepstake 2014 – Day 12

June 23, 2014

An exciting day yesterday. Here’s the results:

Belgium (@hbnm1985) secured their place in the knockout stages with a 1-0 win over Russia (@chislehurst). The goal came in the dying minutes of the game. Now Russia must beat Algeria (@lolers) on Thursday to go through. Fabio Capello is hopeful or doubtful, depending on what you can read into this photo of him taken moments after the game ended.



Algeria (@lolers) had to fight to stay alive, and they did in grand style, becoming the first African team to score four goals in a World Cup game. The Desert Foxes, as they are known, beat a battling South Korea (@anna_borowski) 4-2. South Korea are down but not yet out. With Belgium the only ones guaranteed a place in the next round Thursday will be an eventful day.

The Desert Foxes

The Desert Foxes

Who could have thought it? USA (@Lindaannbown) are a revelation this World Cup. Coming from 1 behind they then went 2-1 up only for Portugal (ali_spencer) to score an equaliser in the very last moments of 6 minutes of injury time. Hard luck USA, but you’re looking good for the next round… if you can beat Germany on Thursday! A draw will see a very tricky situation (one that hurts my head as I try to work it out). I’ll get there by Thursday’s preview. Here’s Portugal’s shy and retiring Ronaldo doing the John Travolta hump dance from Grease.

Ronaldo practises his Summer Lovin' moves

Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!



AUSTRALIA (@zwanzig20) v SPAIN (NiicNok)

5pm. ITV. Arena da Baixada in Curitiba. This is a raw deal. You are both out! Nothing you can do. Spain, the current World Cup holders, have had a terrible time. They’ll be playing for some sort of pride. But Australia have played well and perhaps they deserve something. My prediction:

Australia 3 Spain 2

HOLLAND (@Braggovic) v CHILE (@dusted1969)

5pm. ITV. Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo. These two are through, but who will top the group? A win for either will put them top. A draw will see Holland top the group by a massive goal difference. My prediction:

Holland 2 Chile 2

CAMEROON (@Arfablue) v BRAZIL (@Mojorainbw)

9pm. ITV. Estadio Nacional de Brasilia in Brasilia. Sorry Cameroon, but you are out. Brazil will win and top the group. My prediction:

Cameroon 0 Brazil 3

CROATIA (@LadyLisaCusack) v MEXICO (@bluebox99)

9pm. ITV. Arena Pernambuco in Recife. A tough one to call, with Croatia fighting for their lives. Nothing but a win will do. Mexico will go through with a win or a draw. It’ll be bloody to the end. My prediction:

Croatia 2 Mexico 2

Now look! I thought Croatia needed a bit of support, so here’s Croatian ‘pop star’ Nives Celsius and wife of the Croatian football player Dino Drpić singing Take Me To Brazil. Please be warned; this video verges on the pornographic. It involves mobile phones and fannies.  Best not to watch.


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