Tweepstake 2014 – Day 10

June 21, 2014

“Worst performance ever in a World Cup Finals.” That’s what the man on the BBC said this morning. seems a harsh criticism of Italy’s failure to win a game for us!

Let’s leave it all now. No England. No more. We’ll move on. You can now pick your favourite team, or even stick with the one you have got in the Tweepstake or any other sweepstake you may be in. Onwards and upwards.

Oh, and sorry for today’s briefer blog post, possibly lacking in ‘jokes’ or fun. I am painting all day (and sneaking all this in inbetween coats). Here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s games.


Ok, one last time; Italy lost, and in doing so ended England’s hopes of staying in the World Cup. The good news for @jasonpettigrove is that Costa Rica are through to the next stage with 6 points already. They will face an England team hoping to rescue a sense of pride on Tuesday. Italy’s hopes hang in the balance. Both Italy @pettittsa and Uruguay (@BottyB) are on 3 points and face each other on Tuesday at the same time as the England/ Costa Rica match. The team that wins will join Costa Rica in going through to the next stage. If it’s a draw, Uruguay will pip it by having one extra goal. Which game will you watch? It seems there’s only one that matters.


7 goals! It’s a given that France (and @Zoleipar) are going through to the knockout stages in style. But what about the rest of this group? Switzerland (@realandrewgreen) are on 3 points as are Ecuador after their win over Honduras last night. The final two games, Honduras v Switzerland and Ecuador v France, will be played at the same time next Wednesday. If France win, and Honduras manage a win over Switzerland, then the second place qualifiers (all on a potential 3 points) will be decided by goal difference!


The highlight of this match was my wife Zoe waking up in the middle of it, looking at the TV and asking, “who’s playing? Is it Honolulu?” It was a thuggish match, making for some great slow-mo challenges. It was like a deleted scene from a rejected Michael Bay movie. But it was also a first win for Ecuador (@wasaunders), giving them a chance of qualifying. But it’s not over for Honduras (@wristwatch42) yet. See above.




ARGENTINA (@joyfeed) v IRAN (@Freig)

5pm. ITV. Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte.Nice. Iran (maybe against expectations) held Nigeria to a goalless draw. And even now, before they play their second game, Iran have more points than England’s zero. They will be doing their best against Argentina, but the truth is this game will be Messi to watch (sorry!) My prediction:

Argentina 4 Iran 0


GERMANY (@DarrenK73) v GHANA (@fiona_butler)

8pm. BBC. Estadio Castelao in Fortaleza. Sorry Fiona, But Ghana really need to win this if they are going to have a chance of progressing, and they’re not going to win it; USA beat them for crying out loud! Excitingly, two half-brothers could be playing in this match; Kevin-Prince Boateng of Ghana and Jerome Boateng of Germany! They normally talk to each other daily, but not now. Kevin_prince has predicted it will be a “fight to the death”! My prediction:

Germany 3 Ghana 1


NIGERIA (@redorbrownsauce) v BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA (@jaq421)

11pm. BBC. Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba. The BBC say this of Nigeria, known as the Super Eagles, on its website: “The Super Eagles lacked creativity in their first game so may recall Stoke forward Peter Odemwingie.” From the Super Eagles to Stoke; unwitting sports comedy juxtaposition at its best.

Nigeria 2 Bosnia-Hercegovina 3

Here’s Solidstar with a great World Cup offering for the Super Eagles.

(oh, I’m writing daily about the World Cup and trying to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. If you can spare a pound or two please donate here.)


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