Tweepstake 2014 – Day 5

June 16, 2014

So far, the favourites are doing their job. Here’s yesterdays results:

Switzerland (@realandrewgreen) 2 Ecuador (@wasaunders) 1

France (@Zoleipar) 3 Honduras (@wristwatch42) 0

Argentina (@joyfeed) 2 Bosnia-Hercegovina (@jaq421) 1

Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the losers, in particular @jaq421 who did her best to support her team, going so far as to inveigling the support of Sybil.


Sybil supporting Bosnia-hercegovina

And so onto previews and predictions for tonight’s matches.

GERMANY V PORTUGAL (@DarrenK73 v @ali_spencer)

5pm. ITV. Arena Fonte Nova, (cap. 52,000 approx), Salvador.

Well, there’s no getting away from it; this is one of the biggest matches so far. Will Ronaldo be fit, and will he have moisturised? My prediction:

Germany 2 Ronaldo 0


IRAN V NIGERIA (@Freig v @redorbrownsauce)

8pm. BBC. Arena da Baixade, (cap. 40,000 approx), Curitiba.

Haven’t a clue. But I love the stadium. It was built in 1914! Yes! It’s 100 years old! Ok, they’ve perked it up over the years, but even so, this is the best. As far as I’m aware it is the only stadium in the world based on a box of tissues.


Bless you!

My prediction:

Iran 1 Nigeria 1914


GHANA V USA (@fiona_butler v @lindaannbown)

11pm. BBC. Estadio das Dunas (cap. 40,000 approx) in Natal.

Don’t underestimate USA. Yes, Ghana have beaten USA at the last two World Cups, but now they have Jurgen Klinsmann as their manager, and I’ve heard of him. Landon Donovan has been left out of the squad, but don’t worry, they’ve managed to find another unheard of Country and Western star to replace him; Clint Dempsey (a man who, apparently, likes to play in a Stetson)*

Christian Atsu makes his World Cup debut for Ghana. He’s a Chelsea player (except he’s on loan to Vitesse in Holland. (That’s some proper football  information.) My prediction:

Ghana 1 USA 2

And, to get you in the mood (and as a fillip for @Freig who may be fearing the worst), here’s Iran’s very catchy official song from the 2006 World Cup:

If you enjoyed that song, or if you are enjoying my World Cup ramblings, please donate the price of a pint to Alzheimer’s Society. You can do that at my Just Giving page here. Thank you.

(* hey, what do I know? He’s played for Fulham and Tottenham!)


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