Tweepstake 2014 – Day 2

June 13, 2014

A quick recap about last night. The opening ceremony saw some children and adults recreate a deleted scene from a Lord Of The Rings film and then three people came on (possibly Dawn, although Tony Orlando had been replaced by a Huey from the Fun Lovin’ Criminals lookalike wearing children’s trousers). they sang, but nobody could hear. There were echoes but the echoes echoed off the echoes. Glenn Hoddle’s head, unable to bear the frequency, looked larger than usual. And then the football began.

Brazil (@Mojorainbw) beat Croatia (@LadyLisaCusack) 3-1. Heck, I’m no expert, but it could have been 2-2. Croatia had a goal disallowed and I’m not sure why, and Brazil were given a penalty because some air knocked one of their players over. That’s how football goes.

Lady Lisa graciously passed on her congratulations to “Mr Mojo” only to learn that Mr Mojo is a Miss. Early on, when I set the Tweepstake up, some female members worried that they would be the only ones. There are lots of women in this tweepstake folks, all with crazy Twitter names that give no clue to sexual identity (That sounds sinister. It’s not meant to.) At some point I’ll work it all out but I think it will be in the region of 50/50.

So, onto tonight’s games. And I’m out tonight so don’t expect some bloody ongoing match commentary. Last night was a one-off where, it being the first match, I most likely watched 40% of it. (Me and Zoe took a few minutes out to watch the video of Cat Among The Pigeons by Bros… just because I wanted to use the phrase and couldn’t remember if it was ‘among’ or ‘amongst’. Annoyingly, Bros sing both; unable to make up their minds, or better than me at understanding the nuanced difference between the two choices. oh, look! Here it is. I wouldn’t watch it if I were you).

This is better:

Yes… tonight’s games.

At 5pm Mexico (@bluebox99) take on Cameroon (@Arfablue). It’s on ITV, it’s being played in Natal at the new Estadio Das Dunas (capacity 42,086 or 38,958 depending on whether you believe The Mirror or The Observer). It’ll be a swift and exciting game to watch, full of daring and flair. Mexico will win 3-2.

At 8pm Spain (@NiicNok) take on Holland (@Braggovic). It’s on BBC1, it’s being played in Salvador at the Arena Fonte Nova (apparently built in 1951, but it doesn’t look it- my chart may lie. Capacity, 51,708 or 48,747… what gives!?) This game will be close and tight and unpleasant to watch. I predict 1-1.

The late shift starts at 11pm. Chile (@dusted1969) take on Australia (@Zwanzig20). It’s on ITV. It’s being played in Cuiaba in the newly constructed Arena Pantanal (capacity somewhere between 39,000 and 42,000). This game will be funny and floodlit. Chile will win 4-1.

That’s the analysis out of the way. Time to end on a fun video.

Oh, and please please please, if you are reading this and would like to support Alzheimer’s Society and wouldn’t mind donating a pound or two to keep my spirits up during the month long #tweepstake2014, please give a little here. Thank you.

Here’s a Mexican thing. It’s from the Olympics, Mexico ’68. Raquel Welch is in it. It could possibly be the weirdest thing you’ll ever see.




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