World Cup Tweepstake 2014 – 6 days to go

June 7, 2014

Is it six days or five? Do we count today? Let’s keep it simple; The World Cup starts next Thursday! What kind of events kick off on a Thursday? Who organised this thing? And starting at 9 o’clock too! In Brazil! The whole thing is crazy.

Well, not quite the whole thing. In amongst all this madness is the perfectly sensible World Cup Tweepstake 2014: 32 Tweet people coming together to celebrate something some of them may have very little interest in whatsoever. Some of the folk in this Tweepstake might be like my mum, who is staying in her home this weekend because a festival is taking part in Heaton Park across the road from her. I said “don’t you want to see Snoop Dogg?”, at which point my mum livened up and said “ooh! Is it a new film? Is it any good?”

Here’s Snoop Dogg, now Snoop Lion, showing off his football (oh, if you must insist Snoop, soccer) skills.

So, on Thursday night the host nation, Brazil (@Mojorainbw) take on Croatia (@LadyLisaCusack). I’m no expert, but sorry Lady Lisa.

Throughout the tournament I’ll try and keep you all up to date but be warned, I’m no Glenn Hoddle.

But then is Glenn Hoddle Glenn Hoddle these days? More and more he reminds me of Zardoz.

Glenn Hoddle



Glenn Hoddle

So yes, I’ll post stuff here and I’ll post stuff on Twitter. You can find me @simonmhickson and I’ll try and always use #tweepstake2014.

Now then, prizes! No one has yet asked about prizes, but don’t worry, there will be prizes. In fact I’m going to do my damnedest to get 32 prizes, so everyone will go away with something. You’ve all been astonishingly generous in making donations to Alzheimer’s Society; the least I can do is scrabble some shit together.

If you haven’t donated yet please feel free to give what you can here. I’m hoping to get donations beyond the 32 to try and reach my preposterous goal of £1966. I know some of you have donated and you aren’t even in the tweepstake. Thank you. x

Here’s World In Motion by New Order to get you in the mood. If and when I reach the 50% mark for donations my wife, @zoleipar, has promised to recreate the John Barnes rap. I’ll do the Keith Allen suggestive looks.




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