World Cup Tweepstake 2014- 17 days to go

May 26, 2014

With 17 days to go to the start of The World Cup the #Tweepstake2014 has got off to the most phenomenal of starts.

At 6pm yesterday I invited Twitter folk to tweet me the phrase Count me in, Daddio! (I have no idea why, but that’s what we did four years ago for the last World Cup and so, second time around, it’s a tradition) and the first 32 to respond were indeed counted in. Daddio.

All their names were put into a hat. All the football teams in the competition were put into another hat. (Two hats; both the same; One £4, the other £2 in the sale, both from Primark; the best hats I’ve ever bought) And then my wife Zoe did the draw. And each team and winner of that team was announced, one at a time, on Twitter.

The tension was uncredible.


It’s called a tweepstake, which is my made up Twitter word for sweepstake. And there will be prizes, but they are to be confirmed… they’ll be ok, don’t worry. Possibly a bit daft, but ok. But my guess is your all in this for the fun of it, not the glory or the daft prizes.

And, unlike a proper sweepstake, my Tweepstake was free to enter. However, I did invite all those in the tweepstake to ‘sponsor’ me in raising money for Alzheimer’s Society. I’m not running or swimming or anything crazy like that. I’m just going to write about The World Cup, and provide commentary and rubbishy thoughts on all the teams and the twitter folk who have adopted the teams. I’ll be doing that here and on Twitter (@simonmhickson). And let’s see if we can get the hashtag #Tweepstake2014 going.

The amazing thing is that within the first few hours we have raised £717 and 36 of you have sponsored me! That’s more than the chosen 32! That’s a phenomenal result! Thank you all. x

Now, for some kind of footbally reason, I have set a target of £1966. Can that be achieved before The World Cup ends? I certainly don’t expect those who have been astonishingly generous so far to sponsor again, but hopefully, along the way, we can draw in a few extra sponsors from those who missed out on the draw but are just happy to come along for the journey. You can sponsor me, this, whatever you want to call it, here.

Here’s the 32 who’ve made the Tweepstake and the teams they have drawn:

1- @BottyB- Uruguay
2- @Freig- Iran
3- @jasonpettigrove- Costa Rica
4- @Braggovic- Netherlands
5- @Christian_N_Orr- England
6- @NiicNok- Spain
7- @realandrewgreen- Switzerland
8- @redorbrownsauce- Nigeria
9- @SpiderMonkey987- Colombia
10- @zwanzig20- Australia
11- @gingerdisco99- Greece
12- @Mojorainbw- Brazil
13- @Zoleipar- France
14- @jaq421- Bosnia and Herzegovina
15- @lolers- Algeria
16- @Arfablue- Cameroon
17- @pettittsa- Italy
18- @wasaunders- Ecuador
19- @wristwatch42- Honduras
20- @jayscarblue- Ivory Coast
21- @Superblouse- Japan
22- @fiona_butler- Ghana
23- @hbnm1985- Belgium
24- @DarrenK73- Germany
25- @chislehurst- Russia
26- @joyfeed- Argentina
27- @anna_borowski- South Korea
28- @LadyLisaCusack- Croatia
29- @Lindaannbown- USA
30- @dusted1969- Chile
31- @ali_spencer- Portugal
32- @bluebox99- Mexico

Good luck, one and all. And again, a huge thank you. x

To get us all in the mood, here’s Los Ramblers with El Rock Del Mundial, the official anthem of the 1962  World Cup, held in Chile. Dedicated, today, to @dusted1969



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