World Cup Tweepstake 2014 – the ‘rules’

May 25, 2014

Ok, it’s that time again folks. The World Cup is almost upon us. You know, the big football thing. Only 18 days to go.

The last World Cup was in 2010. That’s how special a deal it is; Like the Olympics and me getting a haircut it only takes place every four years.

Last time round I held a Tweepstake on Twitter. It was a last minute thing sparked by a sweepstake in the guardian. Here’s how it worked way back then; it kicked off at 8pm and the first 32 twitterers who got back to me were in. I then pulled the teams out of a hat and we had our tweepstake.

I can’t remember who won (the tweepstake or the World Cup). You’ll soon realise I’m no Alan Hansen. But, as we prepare to do it all again, I promise it will be fun and along the way I’ll keep you all constantly updated here on my blog and on Twitter. And I’ll work out a top notch prize for the winner of the Tweepstake.

And this time round I’d like to try and raise some money for The Alzheimer’s Society.

It’s free to join the Tweepstake, and it is on a first come first served basis. All I ask in return is that you please make a donation to The Alzheimer’s Society through the Just Giving page I will set up later today. A minimum donation of £10 would be great. It’s not too much to ask for the fun you will get, I promise. And, if you’re feeling generous, please do donate more. Donating more won’t guarantee you a Brazil, or Argentina, or Germany, but it will make you feel good.

So; 32 teams, £10 (minimum) donation to The Alzheimer’s Society; we should raise at least £320 (though, foolishly, I have set myself an unachievable £1966). That’s got to be worth doing hasn’t it? Even if you hate football. Or, particularly if you hate football. Look! The World Cup is not going away! It’s a worldwide football event! Don’t hide! Sponsor! Get involved! Enjoy it, or else!

Now. I must get on. I will set up a Just Giving page. And later today we can get going. First 32 and then we’re ready to go. Oh, and to gain entry you must tweet me the phrase; “Count me in, daddio!” The draw will be monitored by @zoleipar and Archie the dog. It will be fair and you’ll get who you get. Two hats; one full of teams, the other full of twitterers.

I don’t know if there be a rush and a push for this, or if I’ll have to hector and cajole. But, just in case there is a rush… and to give us all a few hours to build up some World Cup Fever… the official start for sponsoring will be 6pm tonight.

Yes! 6pm tonight! Just over 6 hours to go. Here’s Sucker (featuring @TrevorNeal) to get you in the mood. Let the countdown to #Tweepstake2014 commence!


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