Go Sober Gone

November 1, 2013

Me and Zoe went Sober for October. It’s November now and (as one of our sponsors, Sarella, suggested) possibly time for Bender for November. No need for sponsors this time. Relax.

We did it for Macmillan Cancer Support and, between us, we raised (at the mo; more could, possibly, come in) £1170. That’s amazing. To the nearly 100+ people who sponsored us, thank you. I know I pestered, and now I’ll stop. You’re all very kind… considering we didn’t run a Marathon or anything.

So. Onto the no booze thing. Yes, I teased you all in the early days about just how hard it is, comparing it to a Marathon and so on. it was a ruse to get money. But I’ve learnt a few things along the way (possibly… no… I haven’t… not really…) Heck! Here’s what I’ve (maybe) learnt:

1- It’s not hard to give up drink for a month. It’s just dull. It’s boring. You count the sleeps like a child and on waking you just count the minutes until sleep time again. And then you count your footsteps every time you take the dog out for a walk, in units of 100, using your fingers to keep count. Then forgetting every 500 or so. (mind you, I’ve always done that; it’s not really a sober thing.)

2- Fake alcohol is an abomination, and yet you keep on drinking it. Becks Blue, Bavaria, Cobra Zero. All appalling. But somehow lovely. It’s a nostalgia thing.

3- Time passes fairly quickly, and once it’s passed it’s gone.

4- Having said point 2, Rochester’s Non-Alcoholic Ginger Wine with an ice cube or two is not bad at all. But hey, that’s in the past now.

5- Soft Brew Citrus Drink is ok too. But no need for that anymore.

6- People are generous and kind.

7- Even going so far as buying Zoe a Golden Ticket. That’s sponsoring someone to be able to drink when you are sponsoring them not to drink. A bit like a Marathon runner doing a couple of miles by taxi and sending you the bill.

8- Zoe had two Golden Tickets.

9- Well… it was her brother’s 40th! And she had a work’s do.

10- I didn’t have any Golden Tickets.

11- I’d like to claim some moral high ground. But that’s not it. I just had to be absolute. How frustrating to have to give up drinking TWICE because you had a day off.

12- I’m looking forward to a pint tonight.

13- There are NO health benefits to giving up alcohol for a month.

14- In fact, it is bad for you.

15- That’s it.

But after all that, there’s this; there’s £1170 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

And that’s why we did it.

Thank you:

Darren, Clare and Bruce and Charlotte and Isobel, Vicky, Sophie, Gerald, Malcolm, Darren, Christine, Christian, Richard, Louise, Barry, Charlotte, Jillian, Jonathon, Simon, Ed, Jason, Graham, Helen, Les, Pankaj, Duncan, Guy, Kim, Kate, Simon, Sarah, David (twice!), Joseph, Chris, Mark, Pia, Raymond, Peter, Ben, Ann, Anna, Andrea, Rob, Andrea and Frank, Ben and Sarah and Eve and Lola and Dylan, Alex, David and Lucy and Charley and Marion, Sarah and Nick and Laurie and Noah, Simon and Helen and Phoebe, Emma and Richard, Claire, Elspeth, Peter, Emily, Angela, Paul, Emily, Frazer, Roger, Catherine and Peter, Jim and Helen and Daisy, Louise, Louise, Jason, Vince, Jenny, Clare, Siobhan, Len, Jevon, Angela, Steph, Glenn, Yvonne, Sam, Tracy, Katie, Pete, Ali, Simon, Sarella and Jason, Jake, John, Kevin, Rob, and Sharon and Andy and Kate and William.

We’re off for a drink. Or two.

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