Go Sober – day 21

October 21, 2013

Wow! day 21 without alcohol. That’s three weeks! That’s almost a lifetime!

Yes, me and Zoe are Going Sober for October. Not for the hell of it. Not for the health of it (I feel rotten not drinking). We are doing it to raise money for Macmillan cancer Support. And so far we have raised an amazing £620!

But… I want to raise £1664. It’s not likely really, but I’m going to carry on pestering until the end of the month. I will drive people mad! They will donate just to get rid of me!

But why £1664 I hear no one ask. Well, I thought of a beer I drink, Kronenberg 1664, and I went for that. I’m just glad (but you may be not) that I don’t drink Pimm’s.

If you can spare just £3 (the price of an expensive non-alcoholic drink) then we will get there. Go, please. Once you’ve given I’ll leave you alone (for a bit).You can sponsor me, or Zoe, or both of us here, here, or here. Thank you.

Over the past few day’s I’ve been leaving the post with a drinking song. Today I’ve found one that combines booze with Kronenberg 1664 (sort of). And a warning to the nervous; this video contains nudity and Vimto. It’s David Cronenberg’s Wife with I’m On The Booze, Mama.

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