Comic Relief Challenge update – Day 7

March 11, 2013

I failed. I’m sorry. Yesterday got the better of me and I didn’t listen. I didn’t learn. I took a day off after writing my update. I drank too much. It was all too easy; off to the in-laws for Mothers’ Day, off to the pub for football, and, before I could even know it, I was home, drinking wine to the final of Mr Selfridge (don’t ask me who won. Or lost).

And so my Comic Relief Challenge as part of team @tracey_thorn came to a temporary halt.

Come hell or high water/ You never will be/ A goddess or a genius/ A drunkard at twenty three/ And all that you yearn for/ Is attention I guess/ Come hell or high water/ You deserve nothing less

Sounds about right.

But, nevertheless, I did get a sponsor yesterday. @marksemczyszyn sponsored me pushing my total up to £330. he’s doing his own thing for Comic Relief too. You can sponsor Mark here.

I’ve a long way to go to meet my target. Quite a few country miles. Yesterday I wrote about some bonus things that will happen if I get nearer the target. I also wrote about how it can be difficult giving money when we have no money to give. So, as always, it’s a polite, almost apologetic hector. If you can, that’d he great.

And if you can, you can here.

And later today I will write about another song. At least one. Maybe two to make up for yesterday.

Happy Monday. x


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