Comic Relief Challenge update – day 6

March 10, 2013

Happy Mothers’ day to all you mothers out there. Happy Day to all.

It’s a Sunday and in a bit were off to Zoe’s mum’s for some food, some family fun, walking the dogs in the park, going to the pub… not necessarily in that order. More likely in reverse order.

Which is a long-winded way of saying that today’s Comic Relief Team tracey_thorn Challenge will not happen until this evening.

But, if you can, I’d love for you to keep sponsoring. Big thanks and lots of love to yesterday’s sponsors, Simon, Matt, and Lisa. And good luck to Matt, who is running 10km today to raise money for AgeUK.

I’m up to £320 and 16% of my £1986 target. It’s a very high target, and, let’s be honest, one I am unlikely to reach. I’m good at urging people to give, but not that good. Times are hard. And I’m not some comfortable P-list celebrity just making the right noises here- part of the reason I have set up my challenge is that it gives me the chance to contribute to Comic Relief in the best way I can, because for sure my money would not go far at all.

Having said that, I am going to sponsor @marksemczyszyn. He’s on a rival team, not team Tracey Thorn but Team Emma Kennedy. But hey, at the risk of getting all We Are The World on you… let’s face facts folks! We’re all on the same team!

Anyways, I’m sponsoring him because he’s come up with a great idea for Comic Relief, and a cheap one too. He wants you to buy him a ‘drink’ for his birthday. Of course it’s not a drink, it’s a donation to Comic Relief.

Like I say, it’s a great idea. When you look around the world of Comic Relief giving you see donations of £10, £15, £20, sometimes more. I’m sure some people hold back from donating because giving £2, or £1, seems too small, seems like it won’t make a difference… even could make someone worry that it makes them look mean.

Well, that’s just only so much shit. if you can give £1, please do. Mark has 356 followers on Twitter. Imagine if they all gave £1. If all my followers gave £1 that would add a bit more. And if all of Tracey’s and Emma’s followers gave £1… Between the four of us we’d have raised over £100,000.

£100,000. Imagine.

Give £1 if you can.  Buy mark a pint for his birthday (this Saturday). I’m going to get him a pint of Sierra Nevada Ale. They sell it at the East Dulwich Tavern (where I sing with a choir every Monday night). It’s £5.50 a pint! Can you believe that!

If we all bought Mark a ‘pint’ he’d be horribly ‘drunk’, so buy him a soft drink from the shop and donate £1.

Done. And I’m Mark’s first sponsor! You can sponsor him here.

And if you wish to sponsor me too you can do that here.

That’s enough begging for today.

Oh no… sorry. I forgot. It’s not.

My wife Zoe said to me; “Why don’t we recreate the cover to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.”

Hmmm. That’s a thing. I’m not sure how we’d do it, but I’m up for having a go. And then I said to Zoe; “Ok, we’ll do it… when I hit the 50% mark of my target.”

So there. All we need today is for lots of people to give Mark a pound, and one benevolent fat cat (I use that term kindly, I like cats) to give me about £650.


I did point out that recreating the cover of Love Not Money would be easier; just an average Saturday night out for us two.

Oh, just realised I haven’t sorted my song for later. If anyone wants to pick one from either Baby, The Stars Shine Bright or Love Not Money, please do and let me know through Twitter (@simonmhickson) Oh, and don’t pick one I’ve done.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for giving. Happy Mother’s/Mothers’ Day. x


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