Comic Relief Challenge update – day 5

March 9, 2013

Five days in and 14% towards my most ridiculous goal of £1986, in honour of the release year of Everything But The Girl’s great album, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.

Each day I listen to a track from one of my two EBTG albums (Baby and Love Not Money) and I learn. Then I write. And then, ideally, very kind people donate to Comic Relief.

Yesterday, in honour of International Women’s Day, and at the request of @tracey_thorn (our esteemed team leader) I listened to Ugly Little Dreams. I knew it was about Frances Farmer, but I learned that at the age of 17 she won an award for her essay, God Dies.

I also, in honour of women the world over, called David Cameron a ****. Someone had to. And the joy of asterixes means that if the word that the asterixes represents is offensive to you, and it was that word, then you can substitute it very easily; just put a cock in there.

I didn’t call him a **** willy-nilly. It was for his take on Hilary Mantel’s speech, which somehow seemed appropriate in relation to Frances Farmer and International Women’s Day. Shame on him for helping dumb the world down.

I don’t know what today’s will be yet. I will let my wife, Zoe, pick. She has already sponsored me, and, she’s at home, so she’s going to have to put up with me constantly saying “sorry baby, in a minute, just got to do this”.

Big thank you’s to yesterday’s fantastic contributors; Janetta, gdpreston, redorbrownsauce, and Clare who has given an amount that should cover the ‘two kids’ that aren’t as lucky as our two…” Thank you all very much. x

Today’s song challenge will appear later, but if you would like to give to Comic Relief, or if you can give, you can sponsor me here.

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