Comic Relief 2013

March 5, 2013

I saw a tweet from Tracey Thorn (@tracey_thorn) this morning. She’s forming a team, something like Avengers Assemble, to raise £1million for Comic Relief 2013.

I thought, I can do that.

But what could I do to help raise money? Since it’s Tracey that inspired me; got me started, setting up the page and whatnot; I have decided to do an Everything But The Girl Sponsored Listen and Learn.

Here’s how it will work:

I own two Everything But The Girl CD’s (I have much more on vinyl, but that’s stuffed away in a storage unit). The two I own are the two-disc special ones for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and Love Not Money.

I’m going to listen to them. And, in listening, I will endeavour to learn something new every day right up until Red Nose Day. At that point I will stop learning, but not necessarily listening.

Ok, it’s not up there with running a marathon, or sitting in a bath of muck. There’s not even any suffering involved. And, unbelievably, stupidly, I have set myself a target of £1986 (in honour of the year Baby, the Stars Shine Bright first appeared).

It’s ambitious and foolish. But come on folks, it’s for Comic Relief, and along the way we can all share a nice tune and, maybe, a bit of a laugh.

If you can give, please donate here.

Here’s one of the tracks I’ll be listening to, with Tracey in what could be mistaken for a topical sinkhole, but is more likely an inverted, buried bell.


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