The Comedians part 5

December 22, 2012

Ok, I’m a little behind. And there’s barely any shopping days left til Christmas. So let’s get going on this Comedy DVD countdown lark. You can find the first three in Zavvi’s Comedy DCD chart here. You can find the next one, in at no.7, here.

Now, onto no.6. Oh, and please do remember the ‘rules’; I am judging these comedy DVD’s by their covers alone. Not the content; not the comedian.


Jack Whitehall no.6

No.6 Jack Whitehall

It’s Jack Whitehall Live. Not much to go on with this cover. It’s his debut stand-up DVD. There’s no quotes. Possibly because it’s so new, so debut, it’s as yet unseen.

He’s got the look of a Noel Edmond’s son about him. He’s crossed his arms in such a way that his left thumb is either missing, or gently feeling his right bicep. I don’t know how to read this.

His jacket, with a lapel accoutrement, is very with it. He’s possibly wearing blue contact lenses.

Suitable for 30 year olds.

Ok, the Top 5 countdown, comes along tomorrow.

I apologise. I’d planned to do more. My wife has returned from Christmas shopping and, being the usual ordeal, I had to make her a gin and tonic. Me? A martini.

It’s a Saturday night for crying out loud!

So, the Top 5 tomorrow. Giving you all Christmas Eve to shop for the top of the comedy pops.

Here’s a Jack Whitehall related thing to end on.

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