Starbucks muffin

November 22, 2010

Well what would you do?

It’s meant to be a treat. A few years back I might not have thought twice about a coffee and a muffin in Starbucks. But when I’m spending just over a fiver that I could use on a one way coach ticket to Sheffield, well, I have to be careful with my treats these days.

It shouldn’t matter should it?

It all goes down the same way.

But what would Marco say to a wonky Yorkshire Pudding? Would Nigella give you a lop-sided bun?

But this is just Starbucks. The one opposite Charing Cross Station. Why should they care about quality control when they can pass the (star)buck on to the customer.

I eye my muffin as I wait for my coffee. I know it shouldn’t matter, but that doesn’t look right, I say to the coffee man.

Would you like me to change it?

See? Pass the buck. So, I have to decide. If I say yes, they will throw it away. The guilt sets in. I don’t even say no. I don’t say yes. I just smile like a fool, take my coffee and my lop-sided Lemon and Poppyseed Muffin (my favourite! My treat!) and sit down and glower at it. I hate it.

After a while I change. I eat it. It’s ok. As good as any of the others. Maybe it was more of a treat. Maybe it was a special muffin, just for me. Maybe it had a few more poppyseeds, or a drip more icing.

But really. Starbucks. Life should be easier.


6 Responses to “Starbucks muffin”

  1. Miss Jones said

    I can’t bear a disappointing treat. It’s almost as bad as a disappointing lunch. It ruins the rest of your day.

  2. Craig said

    You should at least have got it cheaper…

  3. Paul said

    I had a disappointing muffin today too.

  4. wordwrites said

    Don’t hate the muffin.

    Life is too short…

  5. Andrew said

    Must have been an agonising decision whether to buy the muffin or a coach ticket to Sheffield. I live near Sheffield and I think you made the right decision old love (that’s a Sheffield saying). The muffin did look shit though.

  6. Trevor Neal said

    I think you did the right thing. You stood up for different shape muffins and ate it. Why should all muffins have to look the same? It may not fit the Starbucks corporate shape and size but it still tastes the same. Anyway, like my mum always says, in a not very PC way – “a blind man would be glad to see it”. I still voted for the angry A-Ha response though.

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