Doctor Steel

November 15, 2010

A few months back I bumped into some of Doctor Steel’s Toy Soldiers. Look! Here they are! Do they scare you?

They scared me a little; a whole gang of them, invading Trafalgar Square. All dressed in black, looking not unlike a new army of Nazis.

Now, when it comes to being scared I usually do the sensible thing and run away. But when it comes to Nazi-looking folk, if they are seemingly harmless, I can’t help myself but confront them. I need to ask if they are indeed Nazis. And then? Well, I will reason with them and they will change their minds.

So I cornered these two. I asked them, “are you Nazis?” I can’t recall now if they laughed or just smiled. They weren’t Nazis. They are Toy Soldiers. They are the Army of Doctor Steel.

Not much help there. It still all seemed a little mysterious, possibly a wee bit sinister.

So many questions. Who’s Doctor Steel? Who are the Toy Soldiers? And… well, just answer the one question; who the hell is this Doctor Steel?

He’s Dr. Phineas Waldolf Steel and he plans to take over the World. And he is crazy! He says so himself.

He has a manifesto. He plans to turn the World into a Utopian Playland. He’s redefined the word ‘toys’ as anything that makes us happy. He want us all to be happy. To have fun.

It sounds ok. Ish. See what you think.

And the two guys above? They were lovely. Ok, so they dress like Nazis, but what the hell.

You can find out more here. Lots of lovely videos too. It’s all very entertaining. But should we be afraid? You decide.


3 Responses to “Doctor Steel”

  1. The Soldier with the placard is in fact me!
    And just to let you all know, were far from Nazis, in fact we have several Jewish members, The army accepts all races colours and creeds with the overall aim of bringing fun into there standard 9 to 5 routine.

    And just to let you know, I’m wearing a 1920’s British Brigadiers uniform.

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Hi Brigadier Davis,

    I know you’re all far from Nazis. I enjoyed meeting you and I hope I haven’t offended any of you in any way. As I say, you were lovely, just, initially, a little daunting. I enjoyed the Dr’s website too. All the best, have fun. Simon

  3. I suppose You wouldn’t be able to to send me a higher Res copy of that picture would You, bother me and my fellow soldiers would like it for the “London Invasion” Gallery.

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