The Man Who Fell Asleep cheers me up

August 19, 2010

People are nice. On Twitter. Maybe just in general. ‘Course, there are exceptions. Take that guy who gives Naomi Campbell diamonds. He’s not nice.

I met Naomi Campbell once. She was on Live and Kicking. We did a section towards the end of the show called the Video Goldmine. It was a daft way to review the latest releases with the show’s guests. We’d start off by asking them what they liked to listen to around the campfire. Off camera, minutes before doing the section live, we told Naomi we would ask her this. She seemed puzzled. We explained it was just a silly way of asking what your favourite music is. Naomi turned to her assistant and asked “What’s my favourite music?”

Maybe she did think they were just dirty old stones after all.

But back to the point. How did I start? Oh yes, people are nice. On Twitter.

I put up a few moany tweets. Just fretting. They were meant to be light-hearted but I guess I didn’t think it all through. And a few people came back with ‘are you ok?’ tweets, which was sweet. And yes, I am ok. And I will be better than ok soon. I’m on a coach, off to Sheffield, with The Smiths’ Shakespeare’s Sister lyrics running through my head.

The Man Who Fell Asleep drew me a picture to cheer me up. Look! This is me:

Me by Greg Stekelman

It’s based on a photo by Bill Wadman. Here’s the original.

Photograph by Bill Wadman

And now I am minutes from Sheffield. A little happier, though feeling guilty for dishing the dirt on Naomi. After all, she’s not the War Criminal.

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