BBC Radio 7 Comedy Club

August 14, 2010

This may sound like a joke, but it’s true; yesterday I did some work. Almost a proper job, almost paid.

We (Trev too) went along to BBC Broadcasting House to record the links for BBC Radio 7’s Comedy Club. I guess everyone else is in Edinburgh.

It was fun. We worked with a lovely producer, Laura Baron, spending the first five hours writing some bits of nonsense that will link together all of the programmes featured in the two hour Comedy Club. We did two shows. The first will go out on Friday the 27th August at 10pm, and the second on Sunday the 29th August, 10pm. 2010. After writing the links we recorded them. I hope they’re funny. The big boss, Simon  Jordan, after looking them over, declared them works of art. I hope they’re funny.

Here’s proof we did go there and we did do some work.



2 Responses to “BBC Radio 7 Comedy Club”

  1. rachel green said

    Seeing the two of you together tickles a smile straight onto my face. Who knows where the comedy might lead with Trevor and Simon? This will surely be the first step in a full scale hilarity revival. Can’t wait.

  2. dominic_mcg said

    Nice to see you 2 back together again. Don’t suppose you’ll be doing another podcast anytime soon?

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