Aalborg day two

June 18, 2010

Firstly, a hangover from yesterday, something that took me by surprise. Last night when we arrived in Aalborg we collected our bags and… well, left the airport and got a taxi. I don’t get it. We just strolled into Denmark. No one wanted to look at our passports, no one stopped us, checked anything. is this normal? Is this common? is it part of our prize?

So today, we we’re up fairly early. We’ve been given optional tasks but we’re going to do our damnedest to fulfill them. We had our typically Danish breakfast; eggs, bacon, bacon, bacon. Only joking. Heck, you don’t need to know our breakfast. It was fine. Standard all over Europe help yourself smorgasbord (I don’t know what that means, but it sure sounds Scandinavian, so I’m using it). Then  we headed off to this:

It’s the Aalborgtaarnet, know to some (me) as the Aalborg Tower. And with our Aalborg card it’s free to go up.

Well, if it’s open. We got there too early. It doesn’t open until 11am. Oh, and it doesn’t open in bad weather. Look at those blue skies. But still, no opening. Too windy. There wasn’t a soul in sight, but it was a nice walk and it was close to the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art which was fantastic and beautiful.

More of that at another time. I must race now. We are being treated to a meal at a fancy restaurant and the booking is at 7pm. in 40 minutes. It’s nice winning prizes. Oh, and time is different here so England don’t play Algeria until 8.30pm, so, fingers crossed, we’ll see the second half.


3 Responses to “Aalborg day two”

  1. Andrew said

    Good job the Aalborgtaarnet isn’t open.. or you would have felt like chucking yourself off it, if you watched the England Kunstens play. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

  2. Andrea said

    Andrew – ha! 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t go up it either, because it looks jolly scary. Glad you’ve been having fun in wonderful wonderful Aaaal-boooooorg…

  3. Samantha said

    I agree with Andrea – too scary. Hope your meal was good.

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