The happiest place in the World

June 12, 2010

I’m off to the happiest place in the World next week. So some surveys said, a few years back.

I’m off to the second most peaceful place in the World, according to the 2009 Global Peace Index. It’s slipped a bit this year; to number 7. That’s still way ahead of the UK which is way down at 31.

The most peaceful place on Earth is, apparently, New Zealand. But I haven’t won a holiday there.

I’ve won a holiday to Denmark. Yes! Won! Free! I entered a competition at Visit Denmark to be a guinea pig. I had to prove to them that I would be a good guinea pig. I had to show them what I would do if I won. I said I’d write about it on my blog and also I’d make a film. They liked all of that and contacted me to see if me and my girlfriend would be guinea pigs. We said yes.

So, we’re off to- no, no, no, not Copenhagen. We’re going to Aalborg. Aalborg, in North Jutland. And while we are there, as guinea pigs, we will be given tasks.

One of these tasks is the Aalborg Beer Walk. It was stressed to me by Anne Sofie Salling Rasmussen, the press and event co-ordinator, that this was NOT a pub crawl. I have said that we will NOT get drunk. But who knows?

We’re also off to the Utzon Centre, a cultural exhibition centre designed by Jorn Utzon (picture a slash through the ‘o’ of Jorn) the architect who designed Sydney Opera House. And we’re going to Kunsten, the new Museum of Modern Art.

And it’s all for free, thanks to the AalborgCard, some kind of magic-like Willy Wonka ticket that gets us in everywhere for free and enables us to travel around everywhere (well, not to New Zealand) for free. Should you ever go to Aalborg you can buy these magic cards for DKK 299 for 72 hours. It even gets us 20% off pool tables at the Kennedy Pool Lounge. This is information I have not passed on to Zoe yet.

I’ve also kept quiet about another place I’m sure we’ll visit. It’s not included in the itinerary, but how can anyone go to Aalborg and not visit the Aalborgtaarnet.

I’ll hazard a guess on this one and go for The Aalborg Tower.

8 Responses to “The happiest place in the World”

  1. Sounds amazing! I hope you have a great time!

  2. Ted Blair said

    Brilliant! We’re on our annual trip to Amsterdam at the moment but I’ve always fancied a trip to Scandinavia. The thing that puts me off is the high price of the beer.

    The beer walk sounds fun – Denmark appears to be in the middle of a microbrew boom – keep an eye out for Mikkeller beers.

    Have fun


  3. Samantha said

    Big congrats! Very exciting! I look forward to reading all about it.

  4. Zoe said

    The tower yes. Pool – only if I accidently get drunk on non pub crawl.
    What about the zoo?

  5. Andrea said

    Oh wow! That’s brillianT! xx

  6. Andrea said

    with a capped-up T! That’s how brillianT it is! 🙂

  7. […] I’m here in the Happiest Place in the World;  Denmark. In Aalborg. If you are wondering why, please read here. But before I tell you anything about this place – and I don’t know much yet, […]

  8. suzie said

    apparently they are happiest because they are the most negative nation and don’t hold out any hope for anything better, which is why they are ‘relatively happy’ because they are not by disapointed dreams

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