Ray Harryhausen tribute at the BFI film quiz

June 11, 2010

Once a month I head off to the bar at the BFI Imax at Waterloo, London, to take part in the BFI film quiz. It’s only £3 and we all get to show off just how boffiny we are when it comes to obscure Polish film posters for forgotten Samurai classics starring Grace Kelly.

Ok, I’m mixing up the rounds. But it is a quiz for boffins and without the regular team of Jonathan, Jeremy, Nik, Shanine andDave, well, I’d be lost. Sure, I’ll know a few answers, but you can bet they’ll know the answer before the question’s finished. If I’m lucky there’ll be two or three questions where I might be able to help out. And those two or three questions could mean the difference between winning and losing. Last night we won by 6 and a half points.

We don’t know what the half was for. Maybe they were being kind on me when I said the name of Dennis Hopper’s character in the first series of 24 was Victor Drago (it’s Drazen). It took me long enough to get to Victor. first off I remembered it as Frank Drago. Then I couldn’t get Tony Drago out of my head.

Here’s the bar. and on it the Medusa. The BFI is having a Ray Harryhausen tribute, and as part of it they got us all to make monsters out of plasticene. Here’s a few of them.

Mine’s on the far right, sticking his tongue out. I also gave him what might be mistaken for a large penis. I don’t know why. I feel a little sick about it now. But then, he is a monster, and it may well not be a penis. It could be another leg, or nose. Look, I’m sorry, ok?

Here’s some of Ray Harryhausen’s creations in action, from one of my favourite titled films, The Valley of Gwangi. Cowboys, dinosaurs and lots of people running around screaming. What more could you want?

What? You want a tiny horse? Well, ok. Harryhausen’s your man for tiny horses. (If you can’t bear to wait, scoot forward four and a half minutes).


4 Responses to “Ray Harryhausen tribute at the BFI film quiz”

  1. Anna Baria said

    OH God, I’m hyperventilating!!
    They had this exhibition on YEARS ago when I was about 10 and we went on a school trip there.

    As I was the only oddball 10 yr old who had ever heard of Harryhausen let alone was a mahousive fan and seen all the films several times, none of my class mates could understand why my knees buckled when I saw the ACTUAL Pegasus!

    I’m 38 now and am just as excited by this news even though I can’t go, and to think 18 months ago I lived just a 30 mins bus ride away 😦

  2. Anna Baria said

    Amendment, in my excitement I didn’t notice you said BFI, I saw it at MoMI.

  3. Simon Hickson said

    Hi Anna, I’m not sure if they have any of his creations there. The main tribute is a Q&A between Ray and John Landis.

    We had fun making our own creations, but they can’t match the real thing. I envy you getting to see Pegasus.

  4. Samantha said

    Fantastic monsters! Love them! (Even yours with his appendage!) Victor Drazen was a very good baddie although my current fav 24 baddie is Charles Logan. His acting in the last few was awesome!

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