World Cup Tweepstake

June 5, 2010

Yesterday there was a World Cup sweepstake in the guardian. If only I worked in an office. Or had 32 friends. But hang on, I have Twitter. And with almost 1966 followers it seemed only right that I should hold the first (ok, most likely not) World Cup Tweepstake.

This is how it worked. I let everyone on Twitter know it would start at 8pm. Once 8pm arrived all they had to do was send me a tweet saying “Count me in, daddio.” And, astonishingly (to me), it worked. Within the first minute I was overwhelmed with responses. I took them in order and drew the teams out of a saucepan. I’m sorry to all those who wanted to take part but didn’t make it in time.

Here’s who got who.

  1. France- @The_No_Show
  2. Mexico- @cat_elliott
  3. South Africa- @cazlol
  4. Uruguay- @Wulfruna
  5. Argentina- @Suvvo
  6. Nigeria- @stezario
  7. Greece- @BaldiesUnite
  8. South Korea- @LisaG75
  9. England- @kirtle
  10. USA- Felixleiteruk
  11. Slovenia- @Insomnia68
  12. Algeria- @LionelCox
  13. Germany- @Naaaade
  14. Serbia- @kat_scotty
  15. Ghana- @keeper9
  16. Australia- @JE2E
  17. Holland- @TMitC
  18. Cameroon- @Wllmtnnnt
  19. Denmark- @hinjowarwi
  20. Japan- @BottyB
  21. Italy- @Zoleipar
  22. Paraguay- @microbehat
  23. Slovakia- @bilbobaggins2K
  24. New Zealand- @Suggie
  25. Brazil- @KellyAJackson
  26. Portugal- @kjdaco
  27. Ivory Coast- @greythorne
  28. North Korea- @Professoryard
  29. Spain- @steve_parkes
  30. Chile- @jamestilburn
  31. Switzerland- @petittsa
  32. Honduras- @Antgrad

Good luck everyone. I will sort out a prize at some point, but I’ll keep it a mystery for now. Maybe I’ll make something. Out of biltong.


9 Responses to “World Cup Tweepstake”

  1. Stephen marsland (@stezario) said

    It would be delightful if the prize was a personal appearance by the singing corner boys! 😉

  2. Simon Hickson said

    It would be wrong of me to drag Trev in on my sordid little enterprise. So no, sorry, that won’t be the prize. I may be able to persuade Trev to sign a deflated football or somesuch.

  3. Antgrad said

    Having drawn Honduras I’m hoping there’s a booby prize for the worst team!

  4. Dang! Missed it… Bah…

  5. @microbehat said

    Go Paraguay !!!!!!!!

  6. nicolarowsell said

    Lovely idea.

  7. Taragh said

    Lovely idea.

  8. Andrea said

    You say you don’t want to drag Trev into it, but how about a signed copy of Sucker’s ‘Go For Goal’..? 🙂 Great idea, btw. I look forward to future Tweepstakes.

  9. @microbehat said

    What did @steve_parkes win as his prize?

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