Gloomy Saturday

May 5, 2010

London's South Bank, Saturday 1st May 2010


7 Responses to “Gloomy Saturday”

  1. Samantha said

    Goodness me! What a colour!

  2. Simon Hickson said

    I cheated a bit, but not with the colour. At the time of taking it I set the exposure control to underexpose a bit. All thanks to my new camera!

  3. Paul said

    Hello Simon, have you thought about putting your photographs on a photography site like flickr? You would get other photographer’s opinions of your work.

  4. Simon Hickson said

    There’s only so many internetty things I can handle. I’ll give it some thought, but truth is my blog may suffer as a result. Already writing less than I used to. And also… Other photographer’s? I can’t handle criticism of my crude photoshopping techniques!

  5. Paul said

    OK. I think I understand. Was just working on the priciple that you are looking for comments, because you post the images. But if, as you say, you can’t handle criticism, then I see it might be better to keep them safely here. Enjoy your camera!!!! Glad to see you posted the old tele stuff by the way!!!

  6. Simon Hickson said

    Cheers Paul.

    I may have got it a bit wrong. I do my blog for reasons I’ve never fully understood. Ego? To keep me busy when I have nothing else to do? To experiment with photography, writing, daftness? All these things.

    And comments are welcome. I suppose the reason I haven’t done a separate photo Flikr thing is maybe just the neatness of keeping all “my” stuff in one place. Similar to why this is separate from the “Trev and Simon” blog.

    Everything here hopefully fits the “Mummified Fox” brand, whatever that may be. I don’t think it knows itself.

  7. Paul said

    Hey Simon,

    I’ve never corresponded with someone who was on the T.V. before. I was asking about the photos because I thought, you know, if you want to show them then it seemed that a photography site was the obvious place to post them, but reading your reply I can see that I got the wrong end of the stick. You may have answered your own question about why you do a blog thing. On the basis that the photographs are to be viewed, not as stand alone images, but as photos taken by Simon who used to be on the T.V. then there does seem to be ego involved, as they are to be treated as special in some way. Or, at least, not as just photgraphs.

    Blogs are an interesting cultural phenomenon though, don’t you think? In the past, we had journalists, columnists, reviewers, etc, and all these people were actually employed to do the job, at some point there was an over-seeing boss of some kind, usually an editor or publisher, and now we are all diarists and critics, just by virtue of the fact we can upload our copy. Is this such a good thing though? It seems to me that quality control must suffer in some sense. We’re not all experts are we? At least I’m not. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the summer special, took me back to school days, except the weekend kind, not actual school days.



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