Closed Waxworks

April 26, 2010

I was in Great Yarmouth just over a weekend ago. And everywhere was closed. Including its exciting Waxwork museum. It’s not fair. To miss out on Elvis and Noel, Michael Owen and Mr. Blobby. I didn’t get to see 007 James Bond. Which one? I doubt it’d be Craig. Maybe Moore or Lazenby. Or just a man in a tuxedo. And how do you make a waxwork of Blobby? That’d need a hell of a lot of wax. Maybe it’s just a beached whale painted pink and yellow. And Ooh Betty. Steptoe and Son. Wacko Jacko. Kojak. Gorden “Allo, Allo” Kaye. And that’s just one board.

Oover on the other one I’ve missed out on all the royals, including Prince William in a smaller font. Lineker, Bruno, Keegan, Gazza, a resurgent Davis. And Chichester; well I wouldn’t know if he looked like him or not, I’m that ignorant.

But the Posh and Becks, Owen, Blobby and Bean must be something else to be mentioned twice and to get their own bubble.

Next time I go the place will be open. I’ll phone ahead. I’ll book a private viewing. I WILL get to see them. I’ll photograph and document. And, even if it’s not for years, something tells me the waxworks will be the same.

7 Responses to “Closed Waxworks”

  1. iamjamesward said

    I went there a couple of years ago. It is AMAZING. You have to go back.

  2. Kippers said

    I visited that museum in 1991 or thereabouts. The Posh & Becks waxworks are possibly the only ones they’ve added since then. Bless.

    Didn’t you and Trev visit a waxworks in one of your old Going Live skits, BTW? (In Yorvik, maybe?)

  3. Simon Hickson said

    I will return James.

    And yes Kippers, I think we did. We certainly visited the Jorvik Viking centre in York and did some daft filming, but my memory is vague now.

    Given the chance to work with waxworks, we’ll always say yes.

  4. Andrew said

    I wonder if the “Eddie the Eagle” waxwork is pre or post his plastic surgery. Mind you, looking at some of the exhibits, they will just take the electric plane to it. The electric plane is a tool by the way.

  5. Kippers said

    “The Electric Plane” would’ve been a great name for a 60s psychedelic combo.

  6. Kippers said

    BTW Simon: you two should make that your official slogan or something:

    “Given the chance to work with waxworks, we’ll always say yes.”

    Quick! Get some business cards printed up!

  7. Susie said

    That is a great slogan. By the way, I loved the Trev and Simon youtube stuff, especially “good choice’ and the euphemistic pharmacists.

    This Yarmouth story rang a bell with me as I recalled reading about how ‘bad’ this waxworks is a couple of years ago. A quick Google proved me right. As reluctant as I am to add a link to the Daily Mail (is just so wrong on so many levels), this is actually quite an entertaining article with some great pictures.

    Don’t look though Simon if you don’t want to spoil the surprise…

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