Now I’m getting angry

March 25, 2010

I never intended, honestly, to go to war with Tesco. The ginger beer thing was just a bit of fun; an anomaly maybe, where one item was perhaps accidentally mispriced and inappropriately placed in a confusing offer category. Maybe. Perhaps. Surely Tesco can’t really be operating a policy of deliberately trying to confuse their customers with misleading offers.

Well, today I headed there to get something for lunch and also for tonight. I’m lazy and unhealthy so I plumped for a ready meal. I only needed the one. I’m no good at planning ahead. How can I know today what I might feel like eating tomorrow? But the offer was there; Indian meals, 2 for £5. So I went for a lamb rogan josh (£2.70) and a chicken masala (£2.80). I didn’t really want the two – I don’t know when I’ll eat the second one – but it seemed foolish to buy one when I could save myself 50p.

Except I couldn’t and I didn’t. Admittedly there was no yellow sticker on the masala or the korma, but this sticker led me to believe they were in on the deal.

It says Tesco Indian meals 350g- any 2 for £5. I checked both. They were both Tesco Indian meals and they were both 350g. But it seems the tikka masala is exempt. Confusing, no? Or am I just an irritable old man? I complained as much as I could, which turns out to be more like a polite enquiry. But all I got was that it wasn’t included in the offer. I stood there and took some photographs and the guy got edgy. I muttered that Tesco were unbelievable and I left the shop. I’m sure I’ll be barred soon.

However, it’s a crafty thing Tesco have got going here. The more they annoy me the closer I get. I’ll be going there everyday from now one to see what more crappy nonsense I can find. Sorry Co-op.


11 Responses to “Now I’m getting angry”

  1. Anna Baria said

    Go in your pajamas and see what happens.

  2. SimonHG said

    I was in there this afternoon, Si. I was going to mention the special offer on “Fruit Shoots” drinks in the cold cabinet, but thought better of it (80p each. 2 for £1.70)
    Sorry :o(

  3. Pablito said

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your hyperactive hyperlinking!

  4. Chris Hunter said

    I’ve got some lovely photos of similar non-deals in the Tesco Aldershot store! If you want me to submit them let me know!



  5. What a great campaign, much better than that Jamie Oliver chicken nonsence! The hyperlinking is genius!

  6. TaraghB said

    Yes. I’m enjoying the Tesco war too.

  7. Simon Hickson said

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the offer. By all means send a link and I will include it, but no more pics of Tesco’s for me. I’m sick of them… well, until I see their next crazy offer!

  8. Have a look at the Quorn offers – 3 for £5 but the individual item prices are all over the place. Anal-retentive-me stands there for minutes thinking “I’d rather have the burgers but the bangers are normally 50p more…”
    AND are the number of items on offer exactly divisible by three? NO! When will this number-of-items-on-offer-not-being-exactly-divisible-by-the-number-of-items-needed-to-qualify-for-group-item-discount madness ever end?!

  9. Steph said

    Loving the Tescos war. I spotted some drinks which were in a ‘special offer’ in a local branch at Hookwood. I had a quiet chuckle and moved on… (but not before I’d lingered a little bit too long ready to point it out to any other unsuspecting customer!)

    And the hyperlinks…. well shall we say I’m going to get caught laughing at work a bit too much one of these days!!

  10. Jeremy Williams said

    Dunno if this’ll work…


  11. Simon Hickson said

    Ha! I like it. A £5 saving of £0 for a Woddy! Well spotted.

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