Vowel movements

March 22, 2010

Over the weekend I took some time to ponder the options for the abbreviated names we give our parents. Our mothers and fathers. It seems mothers win on the vowel front. Your mother can be your Mum, your Mam or your Mom. But why cheat the E and the I out of a chance to take part? It seems crazy to allow three of the vowels to participate but to deny the E and the I. Ok, so Mem sounds a little odd and Mim sounds just plain spooky, but, if you feel like a change, give them a go.

Sorry Dads, you lose out. There really is only Dad. Dud’s just rude, Ded is only applicable if you’re called Zed, Did is a little past tense and Dod, well, it’s good for a laugh (Ken Dodd died. Did he? No, Doddy! – give it a go, it’s a tried and tested reliable joke- and Ken, long may you live.)

And this brings me neatly on to Tunbridge. That’s where I was yesterday, driving my lovely girlfriend mad with a Tonbridge/Tunbridge rant. Which to go to? And just where is Tenbridge, Tinbridge etc. You get the idea (all that waffle when I only had one vowel to go, bloody Tanbridge).

We went to Tunbridge. The Royal Wells one. Here’s some pics.


3 Responses to “Vowel movements”

  1. John Southern (@suvvo) said

    The fourth picture, of the Ark animals in pairs, looks like it could’ve been taken in Bagpuss’ shop!

  2. kseverny said

    lol. awesome post.
    you’ve a good sense of humour

  3. Andrew said

    If you are South African you have a Ded. Or.. if you are from New Zealand you have a Mim and a Did, cos they only use one vowel. Never bin ti Tinbridg Wills, is it ik?

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