Tesco is crazy

March 22, 2010

Tesco is? Tesco’s are? I’m still not sure, and the more I visit Tesco the less sure I get. About everything. If you’ve been following my Tesco saga (If not, and you really want to, then just read my last two posts) you’ll know I’m concentrating on the Ginger Beer end of the Tesco Two for More Money campaign. This is where Tesco offer you the chance to get two items at a higher price than they would be if bought separately (not, incidentally, a bulk purchase where the cost per unit proves higher – another devious mind mess altogether- but two separately packaged units that surely should only ever equal a simple 1 plus 1). So, for a while you could get a ginger beer for 52p or two for £1.70. Then the price went up. A ginger beer for 72p or two for £1.70. It’s surely a Tesco win all the way. Today though I was bewildered to see this:

Not only have Tesco messed with my mind-maths, they’ve now made me hallucinate. And what’s more, I can photograph my hallucinations. I don’t know whether to thank them or… I can’t think of an alternative. Thank you Tesco.

Oh, a little footnote: At the counter, the woman in front of me was pointing out that the ready meal she was buying for £1.50 was on offer; three for £5. She wanted to know how this was meant to work. The member of staf said it must be a mistake. ReallyTesco?

4 Responses to “Tesco is crazy”

  1. Samantha said

    My brain hurts – thanks Tesco.

  2. SimonHG said

    Nice one, Si (and Tesco). Ever been in that Tescos in the morning, about 10-11ish? You stand there like a lemon*, waiting to get served, whilst 2-3 staff crowd round that computer thing (what IS it?) on the left by the window. Oh I love being ignored! Grrrrr!

    My theory is that they’re plotting world domination on it, by either; a strategic plan involving barmy “Twofer” offers, or, something to do with the Crazy Golf centre behind…whatever’s going on in there ISN’T Crazy Golf.

    Blinking mad if you ask me.

    *(lemons 25p – 2 for 60p! Only joking)

  3. TaraghB said

    I was actually looking for these offers in Tesco on Saturday (camera in bag) after reading your blog. Couldn’t find any. Maybe we’re just too smart in Kings Cross.

  4. Simon Hickson said

    That’s far too early for me. I’ve just been there now. They were still huddling in the corner. i’ve noticed that too. And the golf thing is just weird. I’ve never seen anyone playing in there.

    I’ve just taken another photo in Tesco. Update coming soon.

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