Tesco is cheeky

March 19, 2010

Yesterday I wrote about the shocking scandal going on at my local Tesco in Hither Green where they sell ginger beer for 52p a bottle, or £1.70 for two!

Well, today I was fired up. I was going back there to buy two bottles. If they charged me £1.70 I would act outraged and declare that I was taking my case to Roger Cook. If they charged me £1.04 I would demand that they honour their special offer and take another 66p of me (an intriguing number that is two thirds of the Devil). Then, I would act outraged and declare that I was taking my case to Roger Cook.

But today Tesco got the better of me. My heart sank when I saw this:

They’ve scuppered me. They’ve changed the price! At first, and in my first draft of this post, I got confused and thought that they were now offering me a saving. But, as you can see from the comments, it is now doubly evil. Not only are Tesco making a free 26p for themselves on the sale of a pair of ginger beers, but they’ve also gone and put the price up by nearly 40% overnight! What kind of things go up 40% overnight? Now I’m outraged again. I’m tempted to take up the issue with Lynne Faulds Wood or John Stapleton.

I thought I was on to something; Tesco deliberately targeting those with dyscalculia (dyscalculiacs?) for their own financial gain. Or people who can add up but are just idiots, like me. (Though it seems now, I am both).

So what’s going on? An error, an oversight? I’d understand the underhand if now, as I first thought, it was a mistake and there was a genuine goods offer to be had. But now I’m so confused. This offer had been there for over a month and then, overnight, it disappears. So, that’s good? But no. The price has gone up, but it’s not gone up enough. For me to be happy Tesco would have had to put the price up to at least 86p a bottle. Then I could save 2p, whilst at the same time giving Tesco the extra 66p for nothing. is this making sense? Are you keeping up? I’ve changed this so many times today to try and get to the heart of Tesco’s darkness.

So, at first, on seeing the changed price tag, I was sad, dejected, despondent, other words that mean all that. Then I lowered my head and saw:

Hurray! Tesco really are messing with my head. they are relentless and shameless monsters. They just switch things around! Shake things up a bit. Hope we won’t notice.

Now, a serious point. On yesterday’s post Michael made the following point:

For fear of sounding like a sympathiser, the offer does state “330ml-500ml drinks” so maybe a bottle of Coke, or Pepsi, (other drinks also available) cost more than 85p each?

However, that doesn’t negate the fact that anything under the 85p threshold shouldn’t be included at all.

He’s right. And, even though it’s mischevious on Tesco’s part, it is a defence. It’s their get out of jail free card.

Well, it was. How about this:

Fruit Shoots! 80p each or two for £1.70. An extra 10p for Tesco.

Yes, you can mix and match your 330ML-500ML drinks until you have scrabbled yourself to some sort of a bargain. But Fruit Shoots are only 300ML.

Tesco are cheeky, mean, rubbish and misleading.

Fruit Shoots You sir!


7 Responses to “Tesco is cheeky”

  1. iamjamesward said

    This is an incredible unfolding story.

  2. Dan said

    Now they are offering a genuine saving. Of 4p. Damn them.

    72p x 2 = 144p, so they are still not offering a good deal.

  3. Pete said

    Simon, 2 x 72 = 144; Tesco are still trying to get an extra 26p on the ginger beer!

  4. @thehittvshow said

    Hey Si,

    They’re still ripping you off! You are paying an extra 26p if they are 72p each, not saving 26p.

    Are you sure you’re not suffering from Discalculia? 😉

  5. Simon Hickson said

    Hi Michael, it seems I am. thanks for pointing that out. All corrected now. I feel Tesco can see me for the idiot I am.

  6. @thehittvshow said

    I wouldn’t worry, There are plenty of us who love you for all the joy you provided in our youths 🙂

  7. james said

    But this is an outrage…is it compulsory to have the two bottle deal if you buy two bottles or can you declare them to be single bottles at the checkout…and if you are on self-checkout what would it make of the whole thing. Will it automatically fine you foe being greedy and taking more than one bottle.

    I am off to my local Tesco in Chichester now to see if this scandal is nationwide or peculiar to your part of the World.

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