Tesco is rubbish

March 18, 2010

I’ve thought long and hard about the title of this post. Well, ok, a few seconds. It was going to be Tesco is Stupid, or Tesco is Barmy, but then I realised, Tesco (or Tesco’s… I’m confused on this one) have cleverly found a way of getting their customers to pay more for two identical products than they would have had to pay if these products were bought separately.

If anything Tesco is Clever, or Tesco is Scheming, or Tesco is Evil… but that’s stretching it a bit. The truth is, trying to fool customers with a two for one offer which bumps up the price is just really, well, a bit rubbish. Tesco, you are rubbish.

This sign has been up in my local Tesco in Hither Green for over a month now. If you live locally why not go and have a look, have a laugh, take photos, mock the shop.

Weeks ago I pointed it out to a member of staff (I’m not trying to be awkward… much… I just like to hear the corporate response). The member of the staff said “I know, but we can’t take it down. It’s to do with Head Office”. This confused me. It seems he’s implying that Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco and second runner-up in the 2006 Rear of the Year Competition (I love Wikipedia), came up with the fiendish plan to make 66 pence worth of free money out of any poor fool who happens to fancy a couple of bottles of ginger beer. This Sir is paid £1.3 million a year and he spends his time thinking of plans to make fools out of the nation’s ginger beer drinkers? It seems a bit far fetched. And why has he singled out ginger beer? Why not, say, a bottle of Brunello Poggio Alle Mura Banfi 2004 at £34.98 a bottle, two for £136.56? I suspect it’s a class thing.

I’m such an idiot that tomorrow I think I might go and buy two bottles of ginger beer. Just to see. I like ginger beer anyways. I wonder, will the till automatically ring up £1.70? I do hope so. I’d be disappointed if it only came to £1.04. I’d demand they demand their money back.

Wish me luck.

Well done Tesco (Tesco’s… I just don’t know) and Sir Terry Leahy for finally beating the Co-op as my favourite crap supermarket.


11 Responses to “Tesco is rubbish”

  1. That’s not the only little trick they pull, not sure if it’s still the case but last year they started charging more for bulk packs of things because we are now used to picking up bigger packs to get the discount, but no, cheese slices were cheaper to buy 2 packs of 10 than 1 pack of 20 for the same product, same with kitchen wipes and probably other products as well. I hate that sort of behaviour because it’s really underhand and cynical. It’s partly why I use Morrison’s now.

  2. kusasi said

    Tesco is rubbish. But Sainsbury’s are equally rubbish sometimes … http://www.twitpic.com/69kcz

  3. Chris said

    I’d like to believe that it’s a mistake, but I have an inkling that Professoryard has hit the nail on the head… Nicely spotted either way Simon!

  4. Samantha said

    Well spotted! Let us know if you try to buy them…

  5. iamjamesward said

    Take a picture of the receipt if you do buy two bottles. This in an important consumer issue.

  6. TaraghB said

    Hi Simon
    There was some press about this kind of thing recently. Perhaps i read about it in Which magazine. I agree it’s quite a thoughtless thing to do.

  7. @thehittvshow said

    For fear of sounding like a sympathiser, the offer does state “330ml-500ml drinks” so maybe a bottle of Coke, or Pepsi, (other drinks also available) cost more than 85p each?

    However, that doesn’t negate the fact that anything under the 85p threshold shouldn’t be included at all.

  8. robert said

    i hate tesco trying to treat us as idiots i dont shop at tesco its morissons or lidl

  9. dscsd said

    they are the rubbish that destroys our world

  10. Ted Fletcher said

    Look carefully Large sizes are often dearer than 2 small ie Marmite 2 x250g less than 1 500g and twice the packaging. Also since the flour wrappers changed the quality has gone the bread does not rise any more.
    Mixed olives last month at deli 89p per 100 g now £2 pot equiv £1:75 per 100 g – RUDDY THIEVES!!. No wonder their shares are 20% this 1/4 people are finding out!!!!!

  11. Ted Fletcher said

    By the way with the ginger beer you should buy two single bottles for £1:04 and then take them back and demand a £1:70 refund Ha Ha!!!

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