Am I someone else?

March 17, 2010

I think I might be someone else.

On the Trev and Simon site Edward left a comment pointing out my similarity to the actor Benoit Poelvoorde in Coco Before Chanel (or, to be poncey, Coco Avant Chanel) . So I checked him out. And he was the actor I thought he was.

Years ago I saw a film called Man Bites Dog (or, to be poncey, C’est arrivé près de chez vous.) I liked the film, but I was disturbed to see myself in it. I had no memory of making it.

When did I become this man? Or when did he become me? Or are we just one? Or does he just look like me? Or me him? Can I be in films? Can I be his stunt double? Can I earn a living as a lookalike? I hope I’m him.

Here’s some pics of me, and some pics of him. See if you can tell who’s who.





He’s kept his hair better than me, so I doubt we are the same person. I think Edward’s just being kind. Behind all of this is a simple observation; we’ve both got big noses.

Here’s the trailer to Man Bites Dog. Remember, it’s not me. And even if it is me, it’s only acting.

The second picture of me, or him, is by Bill Wadman. You can find out more about Bill here.


4 Responses to “Am I someone else?”

  1. Andrea said

    My god, that *is* uncanny. Can you speak French, too? And bite dogs?

  2. Samantha said

    Goodness me! Doppelganger! (Hope I’ve got the word right, and I’m not saying something rude!)

  3. Edward said

    Poncey…? Hey, that hurts.

    I’m not some bouncy-haired Laurence Lewelyn-Bowen type in a velvet suit, you know? That was what was written on the DVD case!

    And, furthermore, I chipped a nail writing you that message…

    (I am pleased you looked into this matter, by the way. Thank you!)

  4. Simon Hickson said

    Mais non, Edward. C’est moi qui est poncey. Merci blah blah (Peewee Herman stylee).

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